A-Train Sunglasses

Identifying the Sunglasses worn by Superhero A-Train in ‘The Boys’

A-Train is one of the main characters in the Amazon series ‘The Boys’ (2019). Portrayed by actor Jessie T. Usher, A-Train has the ability to run at superspeed and within the universe is the ‘’fastest man in the world’’. Like every superhero in the series, A-Train has his own hero costume that he wears throughout. The design of the suit is tailored to the unique circumstances of the powers he has with his suit being strong enough to withstand the force created by his immense speed.

One of the accessories that A-Train wears is a pair of sunglasses or ‘protective goggles’. These are probably the most distinctive part of his appearance and the unique design of these sunglasses has been wondering if they’re actually real (not just a prop) and can be purchased. In this article, we will look into the unique design of A-Train’s sunglasses and provide some information on whether these shades are available to purchase and if so what brand they’re from. 

A-Train faces against Shockwave: Both wear their own brand of sunglasses

A-Train Sunglasses: Are His Sunglasses Actually Real? 

There’s little evidence online that A-Train’s sunglasses are an actual model made by a brand. Over the years I’ve got quite good at being able to identify a pair of shades and I can confidently say these glasses are most likely a prop made and designed specially for the show. That being said, that hasn’t stopped people from making their own A-Train-inspired sunglasses. A quick search online shows many people have designed 3D-printed templates with this one from Cults3D resembling them the best. 

A-Train is rarely seen without his pair of sunglasses – not in public anyways

A-Train Sunglasses: Alternatives & Recommendations

So what sunglasses on the market have a similar look to A-Trains? A-Train is an athlete and his sunglasses themselves are inspired by a variety of different styles that do exist in real life. I decided to go through a variety of different brands and provide some recommendations on sunglasses that look pretty damn close to the ones worn by A-Train.

BEACOOL Sunglasses: These are our budget pick for this list. They come in a very common design with half-frame lenses and a wrap-around style. What I like most about these are the thick plastic arms which are more or less in the same style as A-Trains. They also come in a variety of different colors and will only set you back a small cost of $22.99.

Oakley Kaast X-Silver: As soon as I saw A-Train’s sunglasses I immediately thought of the brand Oakley. As one of the most famous brands in the world, Oakley produces a wide array of sports sunglasses styles that are often seen on the faces of sports stars across the US. Although I could have chosen many different models from Oakley, it was the Kaast X-Silver that looked the most similar. These can be found on the official Oakley website for a more expensive $250.00.

Madison Mad Recon: Half framed and with thick wrap-around arms. Although the colors aren’t quite right with this pair from Madison, The Mad Recon has a lot going for it when it comes to the similarity between them and A-Trains shades. Definitely worth your consideration and at around $60.00.

The Beacool Sports Sunglasses