Adam Rank Sunglasses

Identifying the sunglasses of Sports Analyst Adam Rank

Adam Rank is an analyst on Good Morning Football Weekend, NFL Fantasy Live, and TNF First Look on the NFL Network. His sunglasses style seems to mix between two common and timeless designs including both Aviators and Wayfarers. He usually adds his own flair to the style usually opting for white wayfarers. In this short article, we’re going to look at identifying the brand of sunglasses he wears.

Can be seen in this video wearing a small framed white pair of eyeglasses (unknown brand)

The first pair as seen in the image below is a pair of white Wayfarers. They do differ slightly from classic wayfarers as the lenses seem to be slightly larger almost getting to an oval shape – definitely defined as oversized. The image below gives us a slight clue as to what they may be thanks to the markings on the left and arm. A quick search and I confirmed that these are a pair of Nike Essential Horizon Sunglasses. This makes sense considering Rank’s job in the sports world. These glasses can be bought online for a price of around $100.00.

The next pair seen in another image below is a pair of Aviators with chrome lenses. Unfortunately, due to the volume of different brands and knock-offs on the market, it’s unclear as to the exact brands of these aviators. If I do have a guess based on small details on the frames (especially the thin wired arms) I put money on them either being the Montblanc Pilot Men’s Sunglasses. This is mainly due to the lack of branding on the frames making it unlikely that there from any big brand such as Ray-Ban or Maui Jims. There’s also a chance that these are simply just one example of the many Aviator replicas available for purchase on Amazon.

An unbranded pair of Aviator Sunglasses with Green Chrome lenses