Adam Sandler Sunglasses

The Range of Sunglasses worn by Celebrity & Actor Adam Sandler

One thing about Adam Sandler that is commonly overlooked is his unique style. He’s often seen wearing oversized clothing with a style that is most commonly referred to as ‘Streetwear‘. This extends to his unique collection of sunglasses whether it’s his frames through his rich career in film or what he’s simply out and about. In this article, we’re going to explore the wide array of different sunglasses worn by Sandler and see if we can go about identifying the individual brands he has worn over the years.

From the Film Murder Mystery (2019)

1. Ray-Ban

The Colonel

In the film ‘Murder Mystery‘ (2019), Sandler can be seen wearing a classic pair of Aviator Sunglasses from the brand Ray-Ban. Ray-Bans themselves are one of the best-selling eyewear companies of all time and were actually the creator of this style back in the 1950s. The specific model of these sunglasses is the Ray-Ban Colonel which is defined by the unique cross-bar that extends across from the top of the glasses. These sunglasses can still be found on the official Ray-Ban website with prices ranging from $150.00.

2. Cartier

Model: CT02010

Another pair of sunglasses from one of Sandlers most recent films is the Cartier CT02010. These were featured in the 2019 film ‘Uncut Gems‘ (2019) and are a stark difference from what Sandler would choose to wear outside of this film career. Cartier Sunglasses are some of the most expensive sunglasses in the world. Famed due to their popularity within the Hip-Hop scene in America, these glasses are prized due to their rimless design and a stark array of color options. This exact model of Cartier is no longer sold officially by the brand but can be found on the aftermarket from prices ranging around $1000.

Sandler’s sunglasses in the film ‘Uncut Gems’
Oakley Gibston Sunglasses

3. Oakley


Sandler here can be seen wearing a Wayfarer-inspired pair of sunglasses accompanied by a large Patagonia coat. These have been identified to be a pair of Oakley Gibston and have stark reflective lenses (in chrome green) and a fully transparent frame. Although not one of the most popular models in Oakley’s ranges these sunglasses are highly affordable and can be found on the Oakley website for a price tag of $130.00. They can also be highly customized thanks to Oakley’s personalized options found on their official website (which is likely what Sandler has done here).

4. Gucci

Model: GG1042S

While on the promo circuit for his latest Netflix movie ‘Hustle’ Adam Sandler can be seen here wearing a unique pair of oversized aviator-inspired sunglasses. These styles of sunglasses are a throwback to the 1970s/80s when they can be commonly seen in films like Scarface (1984). At first, I thought they might be a pair of Carrera Sunglasses, but they have been successfully identified as Gucci Sunglasses (Model: GG1042S). They are mostly defined by their unique tortoiseshell patternation. They are no longer sold by Gucci themselves but can be found second-hand for prices ranging from $250.00+.

Gucci GG1042S Sunglasses
Some razer thin sunglasses as seen in ’50 First Dates’.

5. DSO Sunglasses

Stretch & Skinny

Finally onto this highly dated pair of sunglasses. This style of sunglass was popular back in the 1990s and was seen being worn by Sandler in his hit film ‘50 First Dates‘ (2004). These sunglasses are from a relatively unknown brand called DSO and are by far one of the cheapest pairs of sunglasses worn by Sandler. These are the DSO Stretch Model but Sandler has also been seen in other photos wearing the Skinny Model. These sunglasses can be bought for prices ranging from $65 – $100.