Alexa Demie Sunglasses

A Look Back at the Euphoria Actresses Most Beloved Sunglasses Styles & Brands

Alexa Demie is an American actress, singer, and fashion icon. She first gained prominence with her breakout role in the critically acclaimed HBO series “Euphoria,” where she played the character Maddy Perez. In addition to her acting career, Demie is also a talented musician and has released several singles over the years. Known for her unique fashion sense, Demie has become a style icon, often seen wearing bold and daring outfits that showcase her creativity and individuality.

Her bold fashion style expands into her use of unique and distinctive eyewear as she’s often seen wearing an extensive range of different styled sunglasses with bold oversized lenses with irregular shapes. In this article, we will explore Demie’s favorite sunglasses brands, offering a glimpse into her impeccable fashion taste and providing you with all the information you need on the brands, prices, and where you can get your hands on these frames prized by Alexa Demie.

Alexa Demie Sunglasses: Identifying Her Shades of Choice 

Alexa’s bold choice in eyewear had been met with many people wondering as to her brands of choice. Over the years she’s been seen wearing an eclectic array of different styles from more traditional cat-eye sunglasses (similar to the likes of Audrey Hepburn and popular in the 1960s) to more 90s-style visor sunglasses as seen in the image above. In terms of color, Alexa Demie seems to prefer a more neutral colorway opting for simple colors like white and black, although she has been seen in more vibrant colorways such as pink or orange. 

The first pair of sunglasses worn by Demie (as shown in the image above) is one of her favorite frames with her being seen and photographed on a variety of different occasions wearing them. These Visor Sunglasses are distinctive in style in a throwback to 90s/early naughty glasses which are regaining popularity in recent years. These have successfully been identified as a pair of all-black Balenciaga: Visor (Model BB0123S). These glasses (pictured above) were quite easy to identify due to the large Balenciaga logo printed on the front top of the lenses. Made from premium Acetate and with a unique design feature where the lenses extend across the oversized glasses arms, they are no longer sold by Balenciaga and were primarily used in fashion shows/catwalks. They can still be found on second-hand marketplaces for prices anywhere from $350.00+.

It seems Alexa Demie has a preference for the brand Balenciaga as in the image above she can be seen wearing another pair of sunglasses from the popular designer brand. These oval-style sunglasses are again unique and combined a traditional oval look with more cat-eye-shaped lenses (although much smaller than most cat-eye glasses). With black acetate frames and deep purple lenses, they again take inspiration from a 90s style popular at that time. These have been identified to be a pair of Balenciaga Extreme BB0202S Sunglasses. These glasses again are no longer sold or produced by Balenciaga but can be found online for prices starting at around $300.00

Finally onto a different brand. In a throwback to the 1960s and the popularity of large oversized frames, Alexa Demie can be seen wearing a pair of Gucci GG0471S Sunglasses. These frames, pictured below, are in a shape commonly referred to as ‘Butterfly’ due to their rough shape as butterfly wings. Made from shiny black acetate and with a brown gradient lens colorway they are striking in their shape and design and not recommended for the faint-hearted. Although manufactured and sold under the Gucci name these glasses are not as expensive as previously mentioned brands and can be found online for prices below $200.00. 

The final pair of glasses we’ll be talking about today are the sunglasses that are by far the most unique ever worn by Demie. She was seen wearing these unique visor sunglasses during an xxx back in 20xx. They resemble something more from a space-age movie with a throwback to what’s commonly referred to as retro-futurist. The glasses are a pair of Dior Sport 1 Sunglasses which were easy to identify due to the large metal accents on the side of the glasses which adorn the Dior logo. These sunglasses can be found in a variety of different colorways from the standard blacks to blues and pinks. They are no longer sold by Dior but can be found on the aftermarket for prices starting at $300.00+.

Alexa Demie Sunglasses: Alternatives & Recommendations

As with any designer sunglasses prices can oftentimes be outside of most people’s budgets. Because of this, we like to include a little section at the end of each of our articles providing alternative recommendations for you to consider for sunglasses that won’t break the band. As with any popular sunglasses model, there are many options to consider, and below are some of our recommendations for cheaper sunglasses that provide the look of feel of Alexa Demie. 

  • ZWBBO Women’s Sunglasses: ($30.00). An altearntive to the Balenciaga BB0123S.