Andrew Tate Sunglasses

The Sunglasses worn by douchebagand Human Trafficker Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is a man with a complex and very little between either his head or legs. Whether he’s successfully being outwitted by a Pizza box or attempting, and must I say failing, to bully Greta Thunberg it’s very clear the man deserves to be in jail. That being said, there’s a lot of curiosity as to the exact pair of sunglasses Andrew Tate is commonly seen wearing in many of his horrific and misogynist videos.  

With all this being said, if you still feel the need to dress like a human trafficker then we’re here to give you the lowdown on the lowest form of life looking into the exact brand of sunglasses worn by Andrew Tate. It’s unclear as to the exact reasons why Andrew Tate is always wearing sunglasses. 

Andrew Tate Sunglasses: He Bought these with Blood Money

Andrew Tate seems to prefer Louis Vuitton’s Attitude Sunglasses. This aviator-style, square sunglasses feature Louis Vuitton’s Damier pattern in a matte golden color. These sunglasses are available to purchase from the Louis Vuitton official website for the price tag of £460.00. Andrew Tate has also been seen wearing Jacques Marie Mage: GT but these styles of glasses are no longer sold by JMM. 

The Attitude Sunglasses by LV Looks better on basically anybody.

Louis Vuitton: The Most Luxurious Brand

Louis Vuitton is a name that doesn’t need much of an introduction and is one of the most famous designer brands in the world. That being said, Louis Vuitton, themselves didn’t start producing eyewear until 2004 when they made a licensing agreement with Italian eyewear company Marcolin. Marcolin themselves is an Italian eyewear company that was founded in 1961 and produces eyewear for many large-name designer brands including Tom Ford, and Balenciaga among others.