Ambassador Sunglasses Scam

We Look into the Ambassador Sunglasses Brand and discover whether or not they’re a Scam

It can be hard to say whether any individual brand is a scam. One common question is whether a brand of sunglasses known as Ambassador is a scam after many people have reported shady marketing techniques usually coming from the likes of automated messages from Instagram. With enough people asking for more information on Ambassador, we decided to do a deep dive into the brand, look into their website, and sunglasses offering, and really dig deep into helping you avoid scams and find reputable sunglasses brands. Remember everything mentioned on this page of our opinion and are not to be taken as factual. 

The Home page of the Ambassador Sun Website

Ambassador Sunglasses: What we know so Far

The first time we came across Ambassador sunglasses was in 2020 when a Reddit Post asked the /r/scams subreddit whether they thought the brand was a scam. According to the Wayback Machine – a website that archives websites – the brand’s website first appeared on the archival site back in May 2021. This correlates directly with when people started receiving unwanted direct messages on Instagram claiming that they can claim free sunglasses with a unique discount code (one just for you apparently). These discounts would actually allow you to purchase free sunglasses, but the brand fails to mention the huge postage & packaging costs that are deliberately inflated to profit from the venture. One example on Instagram documented by user Splathenry, screenshotted the message he received and cited he was being charged $50.00 in shipping costs. 

Instagram User Warns other about the Ambassador Sunglasses Scam

Ambassador Sunglasses: The Quality of Frames

This marketing technique is in and of itself very shady and very misleading when it comes to what consumers want. But I wouldn’t say this is directly a scam especially if Ambassador Sunglasses do send the sunglasses once purchased. Although I didn’t take it upon myself to purchase any sunglasses there were plenty of people online who’ve posted video reviews and updates on their purchases from Ambassador Sunglasses. 

After watching a few of these reviews (that can be seen here and here) I immediately become increasingly skeptical regarding the quality of said frames and I’m confident that these sunglasses are bought directly through Chinese wholesale sites, such as Alibaba or Aliexpress. Again, this isn’t directly a scam but incredibly misleading to the customer. These sunglasses were bought for little more than a few dollars and most likely shipped directly from China to customers across the world. These sorts of businesses commonly known as Dropshipping websites although legal is more often than not very misleading and not transparent to customers. Along with this any product mass-produced from China and very poor quality and made from cheap materials and underpaid labor. 

YouTuber Carina Rivera Talks about the Ambassador Brand

Overall, Ambassador Sunglasses are definitely partaking in some shady marketing techniques that toe the line of legality. I wouldn’t outright call them a scam, because they don’t force customers to purchase anything, but are for sure misleading in how they run their business and the quality of frames you get sent. Along with this, there’s very little information online regarding their business whether or not it’s the business’s address or phone number. This mean’s that it’s very difficult to trace the origins of the owners, which protects them in case their shady practices come to haunt them in the future. Overall, I’d say stay well clear of Ambassador Sunglasses. There are plenty of more reputable affordable brands to choose from and we recommend you check out our directory of independent eyewear brands here