Avulux Glasses Review

We Take a Look at the New Avulux Glasses the only evidence-based option to combat Migraines

Since the age of 9, I’ve been a long-term sufferer of migraines. While certain treatments have helped reduce their severity they’ve always been a part of my life and something I’ve learned to deal with. It was to my own surprise when I stumbled across a new brand taking a different approach to dealing with migraines – introducing the Avulux glasses

The first thing to note is there’s currently little research in the medical community as to the effectiveness of certain glasses and how they can deal with migraines. Over the years many special types of glasses have hit the market ‘claiming’ to help with migraines (including blue-light blockers, FL-41, Photophobia glasses, etc…) to name just a few. All these options lack clinical and scientific evidence and while the Avulux Glasses still have a long way to go, they’re the closest I’ve found to evidence-based proof. 

Everything I talk about in this review is my own opinion based on my own experience with the glasses, and every individual is going to have a different experience using them. That being said, in this article we’re going to take a look at the new Avelox migraine glasses, and see if they really do help to reduce light sensitivity and lower the risk or severity of migraine attacks. 

How do the Avulix Glasses work?

The Avelox migraine glasses use a new lens technology based on selective filters that block out wavelengths of light known to trigger migraine headaches. This technology has a lot of promise in the migraine space with the technology currently going through review for use as a ‘treatment’. 

Current research shows blue and amber-red zones of light are particularly sensitive for triggering a retinal photopigment called melanopsin, which is associated with migraines. The glasses work using a dual-band filter in the lenses that help eliminates blues and amber-red colors, letting more green light through. Abuluix themselves have gone through quite a few independent studies that show positive evidence that Avulux lenses can indeed help and are the only proven precision optical filter that selectively filters harmful light while letting soothing light in. Considering the fact 60% of migraine attacks are caused and triggered by light, this is a big step in helping sufferers. 

My Experience Using the Avulux Glasses

I have been using Avelox migraine glasses for over a year now and found them to be different from typical sunglasses or other migraine glasses available. They come with a subtle light grey lens and, depending on the light you’re looking through, they may look somewhat green or pink. However, they are light-colored lens that works well not only outdoors in bright sunlight but also indoors, preventing the light adaption effect that dark sunglasses indoors can cause. 

I found that the glasses helped reduce light sensitivity and irritation caused by bright lights during a migraine attack – it really does eliminate those red and blue colors allowing more green light in. I found things had a green tint to them, which took some getting used to, but which I quickly got accustomed to. Although everyone’s migraines are different, I feel that these glasses have helped me cope and over time I saw the severity of my migraines reduce (although the number of migraines I have, generally stayed the same). 

The frames themselves are available in non-prescription or standard lenses with a choice of frames being available on their website. For people in the US, prescription lenses are also available. They also offer a clip-on pair with the frame that can be taken to a local eye clinic for the prescription lenses to be put in.  

Along with this, they also include an anti-reflective coating to help reduce any sort of glare, a carrying case, and a microfiber lens cloth. Overall the quality of the glasses was about average for a pair of glasses worth $100 – $150. But the quality and design of the frames aren’t the main selling point here. 

Basically what I saw when using the glasses. Less blue/red – more green
Final Verdict: Are Avulux Glasses worth it?

Overall I had a good experience using the Avulux glasses. After testing the glasses for a 1 year period I really did see a reduction in the severity of my migraines, which, in all honestly, was a surprise to me. That being said, the number of migraines I actually had wasn’t reduced and my Avulux glasses slowly became my preferred method for reducing the severity. Whenever I started to feel like I had a migraine coming on, I’d reach for the Avulux glasses and swap them. Keep in mind, that during my testing with Avulix, I didn’t exclusively wear these glasses. I currently don’t know what differences wearing the Avulix 24/7, as my daily wear pair, would have influenced the results I had. 

With all this being said, I was highly impressed with the Avulix glasses. I’m excited to see where the brand goes and am keeping an eye out for new research into their lens technology. As I stated earlier they’re going through the process of trying to get them FDA-approved which means, if successful, they could be used as a treatment for migraines in the future. The fact that Avulix is going through this process showcases the commitment of the brand and its own optimism as to the effectiveness of the glasses. Another thing to keep in mind is currently Avulix has over 80% positive reviews on its website which clearly shows it definitely works for some people. 

So do I recommend the Avulix glasses? The simple answer is yes, but it does depend on your individual circumstances and the severity, and type, of your migraines. If other treatments simply aren’t working for you then perhaps it’s worth trying something completely different and out of the box. The 60-day money-back guarantee might be the perfect opportunity to try and test and you really have nothing to lose especially considering the hefty price tag of around $300 – $400 (at the time of writing). For more information on The Avulux glasses check out their official website using the link here.

A cute animation showcasing how the Avulux glasses work