Billy Butcher Sunglasses

Identifying the sunglasses brand of Billy Butcher from TV Series The Boys

Throughout the TV Series ‘The Boys’ Billy Butcher, portrayed by actor Karl Urban, has worn a small but eclectic array of different sunglasses. As a character, Butcher has a very distinctive attire often descriptive as gritty and rebellious, always steering towards dark colors usually black. This style also extends into this choice of accessories whether it be fingerless gloves, a dog tag necklace, or his choice of sunglasses. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the various different models and styles of sunglasses Billy Butcher wears throughout the TV series 3 seasons. We’ll go about attempting to identify the sunglasses brands and provide you with information on where you can go about getting your hands on Billy Butcher’s shades. 

Season 1 Trailer of The Boys (Amazon Prime)

Billy Butcher Sunglasses: Identifying the Brands

Billy Butcher has a fairly standard and classic style when it comes to his sunglasses. Although he doesn’t wear sunglasses often throughout the series, when he does, he’s usually wearing some variation of the classic Wayfarer style (first popularised by Ray-Ban) and iconic sunglasses style that’s often referred to as a classic style. Keeping with this style in clothing all the sunglasses he wears are always black in their colorway extending to both the glasses frames and lenses. 

In season 3 Episode 5, Billy Butcher can be seen wearing exactly this style of frames with a variation of the classic Wayfarers from the brand Persol. The exact model of these frames is the Persol P03272S Sunglasses (in all black) with rectangular frames and metal accents that extend from the front to the side of the glasses. These shades are still available to purchase online and in-store through the Persol official website and come in at around $300.00. These sunglasses are his most commonly worn and seen throughout a number of different episodes throughout the series. 

Butcher wearing his Wayfarer-inspired Persol Sunglasses

There are another pair of sunglasses that Butcher has also worn throughout the series. These take a step away from the typical Wayfarer style and are modeled over the equally as popular style – The Aviators (see image below). Again, this style of sunglasses was invented and populated by Ray-Ban and was originally designed for use in aviation for pilots. The pair worn by Butcher has successfully been identified as the Matsuda M3052 Sunglasses and come in at the staggering price tag of around $500.00. A quick search showcases these shades are no longer available to purchase from Matsuda, so you’ll have to hit the second-hand market if you want these exact pair. Similar sunglasses from Matsuda do still exist including the similar M3023 Sunglasses which are available at a price of $625.00

Another style: Butcher wearing Aviator inspired sunglasses from Matsuda

Billy Butcher Sunglasses: Alternatives & Recommendations 

As you can see from the frames we’ve already identified so far they all come in at quite the high price tag. Because of this, we’ve created a section of alternatives and recommendations that retain the look and feel of Butcher’s sunglasses but come in at a significantly reduced price tag. Due to the popularity of both Wayrafers and Aviators, it isn’t hard to find both pairs in abundance. 

LINVO Polarized Sunglasses: A simple yet effective pair of Wayfarer sunglasses. After Ray-Ban’s lost the design/copyright to the Wayfarer style many so-called ‘knock-off’ brands have since created similar designs to the famed Wayrafer. These from Amazon are nearly identical and come in all-black but also with Polarized lenses and UV400 Protection. All this can be yours for as little as $7.90. A steal if you ask me.

MXNX Aviator Sunglasses: Again, these are a simple and stylish pair of Aviator sunglasses. These are slightly more expensive than the above pair but have fantastic craftsmanship and also come with UV Protection and polarized lenses. These can be yours in a range of colors for just $15.55.

Linvo Polarized Sunglasses: $7.90