Bob Baffert Sunglasses

We Idenefity the Sunglasses worn by Bob Baffert the Famed American Racehorse Trainer

Bob Baffert is a prominent American racehorse trainer who has won numerous prestigious races, including the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown. One frequently requested aspect of Baffert is the unique pair of blue sunglasses he’s often seen wearing when out and about.

After much research, It has been discovered through extensive research that the eyeglass frames in question are most likely vintage American Optical Numont Rimless frames from the 1920s-1930s or closely related styles. While similar examples can be found through a quick search, the silver finish and larger size of the frames seen here are less common than the more frequently found gold frames in smaller sizes. Variations of the frames may also feature a high-brow bridge or one that is closer to the nose. The silver arrow accents between the nose pads are also a common feature of eyewear from American Optical at the time which further helps confirm this.

It is believed that the owner, Bob Barrert, has likely consulted with an optician to have custom lenses fitted into the vintage frames, which are notably larger than many others from that era. It should be noted that silver frames of this size and style are considered rare finds for collectors of vintage eyewear. Having trawled through various vintage glasses websites and old adverts from the period it’s to say with any certainty the exact brand of these glasses.

Bob Baffert Sunglasses: Alternatives & Recommendations

Although it’s unlikely you’ll ever find the exact brand of sunglasses worn by Baffert, there are many alternatives on the market that you consider that look nearly identical to the pair worn by Bob Baffert. Below is a list of various glasses you can consider: