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9Five Eyewear take pride in having the world's finest handmade luxury sunglasses and prescription eyewear. Since 2009, 9FIVE has hand-crafted its eyewear from the finest materials bringing quality, detail and innovation at its highest standard.


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9Five Eyewear Review

Most Notable Frames: Watson 2, Orion, Lane Flip Up, 9Five Estate

9Five is an American eyeglasses brand founded with the idea of developing only the finest handmade sunglasses and prescription eyewear. They offer a huge selection of different styles of glasses with an emphasis on stark bold frames and minimalism with the majority of their frames coming in a combination of black and gold. Today I’m going to give a brief rundown of my experience using a pair of 9Five Glasses and give my honest opinion on how good their eyewear is. 

There’s no doubt the range of eyewear available from 9Five is broad and you should have no issue finding a pair that suits you or simply fits the style you want to achieve. I could literally browse through their range all day and the sheer variation in frame styles is something that 9Five does incredibly well. That being said, a lot of their choice is quite bold. They’re not one to always mess around with classic styles so their range definitely won’t be for everyone. 

As a self-proclaimed ‘handmade’ eyewear brand, 9Five have very little information regarding their manufacturing process. That being said, all frames are made from what is with 24 Karat gold plated stainless steel used on nearly every pair, again, used for that high-quality look and feel. This is no joke, and although information is scarce the quality of 9Five is not to be understated. 

Considering the high-quality nature of 9Five, they actually come in at a pretty decent price tag compared to many independent brands. Starting at around $100.00 (with many choices on offer for less). I think 9Five offers a great compromise between quality and affordability and they are definitely a great option for those who want to value from their glasses. For more information on 9Five check below for information on history, returns and warranty, or visit their official website using the links provided below. 

  • Quality & Design 78% 78%
  • Choice & functionality 72% 72%
  • Value for money 81% 81%
Brand History
Since 2009, 9FIVE has hand-crafted its eyewear from the finest materials bringing quality, detail, and innovation at its highest standard.
celebrities that wear 9five

In the past celebrities such as Chris Brown, Cam Newton, Rick Ross, and even Kobe Bryant have all been photographed wearing 9Five eyewear.

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Find a retailer
9Five can be purchased online through their official store or bought in person at one of their many international retailers. Retailers can be found in France or Australia, with one official 9Five storefront being located in San Diego.
warranty policy
9FIVE offers a one-year warranty from the time of purchase. The warranty is limited to the manufacturer’s defects or issues that are a result of a flaw in the product. If you feel your product meets these requirements, please email 9five with an explanation of the issue, photos of your product, and your order information.
Returns policy
9FIVE accepts returns or exchanges within the first 30 days of the online purchase date. If you're not completely satisfied with your order in that time frame. You must also fill out the return/exchange form on their website and ship it back to them with the glasses/frames.
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