Detour Sunglasses
Detour Sunglasses offers a range of affordable eyewear appealing to both the snow and motor enthusastis. With a philosphy of 'Lifes to Short' and openly condemning Luxottica, Detour is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for style with a price to match.


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Detour Sunglasses Review

Most Notable Frames: Big Kahuna, Hurricane, Riptide, Eminence, Oasis

Detour Sunglasses are an interesting brand and one that, for me, has mixed ratings. At the same time, the overall styles and models of sunglasses available are fantastic with many models based on famous styles such as the Wayfarer and Aviator sunglasses. You also can’t fault the range of colorways available with many models available in a variety of both standard (black & browns) and more unique (purple & blues) color offerings. They also accommodate eyewear for those with larger features, including glasses in XL sizes for those with larger heads – it’s nice to be inclusive. 

That being said, I can’t help but criticize what I feel is a poor level of construction and quality. These glasses are all made from what seems like PU Plastic (not Acetate) and details from the hinges and arms just aren’t up to the same quality that can be found from similarly priced eyewear brands. This is not to say the quality is terrible, and Detour does offer a 6-month lifetime warranty (which is more than most brands) but it does leave much to the imagination. 

Overall I feel like the benefits of Detour Sunglasses defiantly outweigh the negatives. Other brands do offer high-quality materials but don’t offer other advantages like the aforementioned lifetime warranty, XL Frames, and Polarized UV400 Protective lenses. Certain models also come in at very low prices which is nice for those on a budget. 

  • Quality & Design 60% 60%
  • Choice & functionality 68% 68%
  • Value for money 66% 66%
Brand History
In 2012, Detour was founded in Chicago, IL with a simple philosophy: sunglasses should not be prohibitively expensive to the point where you are hesitant to wear them for fear of damaging or misplacing them. Our goal was to create affordable shades that you love and won't break the bank. Whether you're hitting the waves, cruising on a bike, or exploring on foot, wear your Detours with pride. At Detour, we believe that life is too short to adhere to the prescribed path. Forge your own way, pursue what brings you joy, follow your dreams, and relish in the present. So, every now and then, take a detour!
celebrities that wear detour
No Known Celebrites are known to wear Detour Sunglasses.
Coupon Codes
You can get 15% off your first order by signing ip to Detour's text messaging marketing. You can also get a 'buy 2 get 1 free' offer with code 'GET3' at checkout.
Find a retailer
You can only currently purchase Detour Sunglasses through the Detour online official website.
warranty policy
Detour Sunglasses are covered for up to 6 months. This warranty is much better than most and even covers against breakages (just not lense scratches). This warranty does not apply to Snow/Moto gear in which a more standard limited lifetime warranty applies.
Returns policy
Detour Sunglasses allow you to return or exchange any items within 30 days of your order shipping date.
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Make sure you're making the right choice when considering Detour Sunglasses. Discover all you need to know at

Available Online

XL Frames

Polarized UV400 Protective

Impact-resistant lenses (FDA approved)

Free Detour pouch included

6 Month Lifetime Guarantee










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