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Izipizi strives to bring smiles to as many people as possible through their creation of affordable and environmentally-friendly glasses that provide eye protection throughout every stage of life.


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Izipizi Eyewear Review

Izipzi was one of the first brands I ever discovered when I started reaching independent eyewear. In fact, my first pair of glasses from the brand came before a rebrand when the company was first known as see concept. It was the first brand I saw and loved the brand and what it stood for creating a small range of eyewear (including sunglasses, eyeglasses, reading, and blue light glasses) with a creative flare offering glasses in a range of funky colors and designs. With this, the price of Izipzi Sunglasses is quite affordable with glasses starting at a price tag of £40.00 (around $50.00).

But what is to be said about the quality of the frames? The first thing to note is these glasses are designed in Paris but actually manufactured and assembled in Taiwan. The glasses themselves are made from a unique soft-touch plastic material. It has a rubbery feel and although doesn’t feel as good as Acetate, is a huge step above in quality when compared to other plastic frames. The overall construction is very good. They come with quality lenses (category 3) which provide 100% UV Protection and cool flexible hinges that can be bent outwards for convenience and a better fit on the face. 

Overall, I used my Izipizi Sunglasses for a few years and never had any issues surrounding the quality and durability of the frames. I only had to tighten the screws on the hinges a few times during this time. One point to note is the rubber-textured material the frames are made from can get a little dirty and show markings over time. Sweat or water can be quite visible, but that’s not uncommon in many other brands as well. With all that being said, I am very happy with Izipzi frames. They offer a great compromise between quality and affordability and do so in a fun brand that offers something a little different.

  • Quality & Design 69% 69%
  • Choice & functionality 75% 75%
  • Value for money 89% 89%
Brand History
Izipizi dedicate themselves to reducing their carbon footprint, enhancing product durability, caring for their employees, and endorsing charitable endeavors, all accomplished through their daily commitment and hard work. They stand for an ethical approch to eyewear and produce a wide variety of glasses with a playful and creative array of eyewear designs and colorways.
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