Jacques Marie Mage
Captivating the world with their Japanese-made, limited edition eyewear Jacques Marie Mage focuses on small batch production with eyewear inspired by history and meaning. JMM has quickly become on the most most recognised eyewear brands in the world.


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Jacques Marie Mage Eyewear Review

Well, what can I say about Jacques Marie Mage? In the last few years, this small brand from LA has shot to fame becoming one of the very best and most respected brands in the world. Need some proof? You just need to look at the massive following the eyewear brand has among Hollywood celebrities with an endless list of A-listers like Devin Booker, Lebron, and Jeff Goldblum all rocking the brand. 

Jacques Marie Mage (commonly abbreviated to JMM) does things a little differently in the eyewear world. Each frame they design and produce is a limited edition meaning they only produce a certain number of any specific frame. For example, currently, the Torino sunglasses are limited to just 100, while their Silverton is limited to 450. This means that these glasses don’t hang about and are probably attributed, in part, to the high price tags of JMM frames. 

Another aspect that influences the high prices of JMM is its quality. Although designed in California, all frames produced by JMM are manufactured, or should I say handcrafted, in Japan the leading capital of the most premium eyewear. Japan has a long history in eyewear, and as a country, build a world-leading reputation for the highest quality Acetate glasses in the world. 

Designs are another important aspect of JMM. After all, with every frame being limited they have to constantly design and produce a wide array of new models and colorways. The designer himself, Jacque Marie Mage, takes inspiration for his designs based on historical motifs often combining artistic interpretation of the past drawing inspiration from great epics and anti-heroes (such examples include Art Deco, The American West, and Takumi). 

So I’ve hyped this brand up quite a bit at this point but do they love up to their reputation? Overall, I can’t fault JMM for what they’ve done. Innovative designs, amazing craftsmanship, and a brand that really just sucks you in. The only downside is the price with frames starting at upwards of $550+, which prices out most people (including myself).

  • Quality & Design 95% 95%
  • Choice & functionality 91% 91%
  • Value for money 72% 72%
Brand History
In 2014, Jerome Jacques Marie Mage established a company with a clear goal: to create exceptional experiences that enhance our senses. They achieve this by combining distinctive concepts and production methods to craft a remarkable, refined, and distinctly unique product. This product embodies a harmonious blend of aesthetics, practicality, and ethical principles.
Celebrities that wear jmm
A wide array of celebrties are known to wear JMM. These include and are not limited to Brad Pitt, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Odenkirk, Johnny Depp and Kanye West.
Coupon Codes
Currently no known discount codes available. Check back later for any offers, discounts or coupon codes.
Find a retailer
My recommendation would be to purchase JMM Glasses online through their official website. Select retailers are available globally.
warranty policy
Jacques Marie Mage guarantees all their eyewear for up to a one-year period from the date of purchase. This guarantee covers you against manufacturer and craftmanship defects but does not extend to normal wear, or unintentional damage.
Returns policy
JMM offers a 7 day return window starting from the date of delivery. International sales are final and ineligable for returns.
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