JINS Eyewear
Founded in Japan and expanding to the US, offering inexpensive frame/lens combos in mostly traditional styles with features like blue light reduction. Available in Japan and online within the US. Retail locations in the US, Japan and China.


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JINS Eyewear Review

A true innovator in the eyewear space Jins eyewear combined traditional asthetic with outright fun and developed relationships with large franchises including and not limited to their Pokemon Eyewear range, with eyewear models named and designed after famous pokemon including Pikachu, Eevee, and Snorlax (they even include glasses cases with pokemon imagery and designs).

If ‘cute’ isn’t to your taste, then the majority do sell more standard eye frames including a huge array of both eyeglasses and sunglasses. In total, they have around 350 different models to choose from with an eclectic array from the standard vintage through to the more excentric large bold frames. Materials can range from Titanium to standard Acetate which does affect the price quite significantly. 

Jins eyewear is designed in and manufactured in Tokyo, Japan. When I tried some of their glasses I found the quality to be bang on for the price you pay. Even the lower-priced glasses were just as good quality as the more expensive range (which surprised me), with flexible temple tips for comfort and easily adjustable nose pads.

Including both the quality and array of designs the prices of Jin’s tailors of the mid to high range (from as low as $80.00 to as high as $300.00). Which such a huge array of glasses to choose from, affordable prices, and quality I really think Jin’s is a great eyewear brand that bridges the gap nicely between cheap and dear.

  • Quality & Design 63% 63%
  • Choice & functionality 75% 75%
  • Value for money 89% 89%
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Currently no known discount codes available. Check back later for any offers, discounts or coupon codes. JINS does have a Refer a Friend program where both you are a friend could save 30% of the order of your next pair of glasses.
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Stores are located in a select few areas of America including SF Bay Area and Los Angeles.
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