Julbo Sunglasses
Drawing inspiration from its rich heritage, Julbo is a leading brand in outdoor eyewear that embodies the spirit of adventure. Dating back to 1888, Julbo continues to innovate producing technical lenses to cater to diverse outdoor pursuits including skiing, biking, and fishing.


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Julbo Sunglasses Review

Most Notable Frames: Rush, Fury, Evad-1, Shield, Cham, Vermont Classic

A Full Review of Julbo Sunglasses is coming soon. We are committed to providing impartial reviews and are currently in the process of using these sunglasses to form our final judgment.

  • Quality & Design 75% 75%
  • Choice & functionality 85% 85%
  • Value for money 72% 72%
Brand History
Julbo, a renowned sunglasses brand, traces its roots back to the picturesque valley of Morez in the heart of the French eyewear industry. Founded by Jules Baud, a native of Jura, the brand embodies a rich heritage of innovation and a passion for outdoor exploration. From its humble beginnings as a designer of optical eyewear, Julbo's journey took a pivotal turn in the early 20th century when Baud responded to the needs of crystal hunters in Chamonix who sought eye protection in the mountains. This led to the creation of the iconic "Cristalliers" sunglasses, marking the inception of Julbo's commitment to optical sun protection.
celebrities that wear Julbo
No currently known celebrties are known to wear Julbo Sunglasses. If you know of any celebrities that do please get in touch with us.
Coupon Codes
No coupon codes, discounts or offers are currently available for Julbo Eyewear.
Find a retailer
Julbo has retailers all across the world. Visit their dealer locator page for more information. Alternatively, Julbo sunglasses can be purchased online and shipped internationally.
warranty policy
Julbo has a fantastic warranty/guantee with proof of purchase. They we will repair, exchange or replace free of charge one or more spare parts, or even an entire defective product if they deem it necessary. For lost, broken or damanged goods, Julbo offers a fee-based after service that lasts for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.
Returns policy
Julbo offers a 14 day return window for products purchased.
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