Knockaround Sunglasses
Estlbaished in 2005 Knockaround Sunglasses exisit to be cheap, stylish and affordable for all. Made to take a beating, there's designs merge a classic style with a sunny, upbeat and colorful based on the sourthern california sun.


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Knockaround Sunglasses Review

Full review of Chimi Eyewear coming soon after full testing has been complete. 

  • Quality & Design 81% 81%
  • Choice & functionality 73% 73%
  • Value for money 78% 78%
Brand History
Founded in 2005 by Adam Moyer, Knockaround set out to achieve the simple goal of creating affordable sunglasses for the masses. Starting at just $23.00 the Knockaround name came from his Dad who often wore a pair of beaten-up sneakers that he didn't care if they got damaged - he dubbed them the 'knockaround' sneakers. Applying the same philosophy to sunglasses Knockaround was born and at such affordable prices, it's no wonder they've grown in popularity.
celebrities that wear Chimi
A huge number of celebrites have been sighted wearing Knockaround Sunglasses including and not limited to Snoop Dog, Ashton Kutcher, Natalie Portman, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas.
Coupon Codes
Free Shipping on orders over $40.00. A Millitary discount is available at 20% off. Refer a friend and reward programs are available for further discounts. Knockaround Sunglasses are also part of the Honey Network so sigh up to recieve the latest discount and coupon codes.
Find a retailer
Mainly based within the United States Knockaround Sunglasses can also be found in select retailers across Europe (Poland, Slovakia) and within China and Singapore. Your best bet for purchasing sunglasses from Knockaround is from their official website.
warranty policy
When it comes to defects with your sunglasses, we will offer a single replacement for a pair of sunglasses within 12 months of being purchased if any defects arise. If your order was purchased past the 12-month mark, we will still do our best to assist you based on the situation and work on providing a solution to the issue.
Returns policy
If you are not totally satisfied with your Knockaround Sunglasses you can get a refund/exchange from up to 30 days of purchase. Returned/exchanged items must be in 100% resalable condition (unworn, unused, undamaged). For more information, you can contact Knockaround directly at
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