Maho Sunglasses
Founded on the shores of Maho Bay, Maho Shades is a lifestyle brand known for its affordable, premium-quality sunglasses that embody a sense of adventure and positivity throughout its vast collection of quality frames.


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Maho Sunglasses Review

Full review of Maho Shades coming soon after full testing has been completed.

  • Quality & Design 72% 72%
  • Choice & functionality 67% 67%
  • Value for money 78% 78%
Brand History
On the shores of Maho Bay in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Alex and Kris Anderson, co-founders of Maho Shades, were inspired to create a sunglass brand that offered both durability and affordability. The duo's frustrating experience of losing too many pairs of expensive sunglasses to the ocean waves led them to design high-quality sunglasses that were made from premium materials and inspired by their favorite people and places.<br /> <br /> Maho Shades has since evolved into a lifestyle brand that promotes a sense of adventure and positivity. The brand represents boldness, independence, and fearlessness in its commitment to offering timeless designs and premium materials in all its products, from sunglasses to apparel. Maho Shades encourages customers to embrace good vibes and make the most of every experience, whether big or small.
celebrities that wear maho shades
The most notable celebrity to wear Maho Sunglasses is American Quaterback Joe Burrow was was sighted wearing the Maho Adriatic No.2 Sunglasses. No other celebrities are known to wear the brand.
Coupon Codes
There are currently no known coupon codes or discounts available for Maho Sunglasses. That being said, Maho is part of the 'Honey' Network which provides the latest coupon codes available when they appear.
Find a retailer
Retailers can be found across America mainly in Eastern America with the majority of stockists being located in New York, North & South Carolina, and Alabama. For international customers, you're best bet is to purchase directly from their online website.
warranty policy
Maho Eyewear has a unique limited Lifetime Warranty. Maho will happily replace your glasses if they're broken in any way but at a cost of $50.00.
Returns policy
Maho Eyewear offers a 14-day return window for any reason if you're unhappy with your purchase. Products must be unused and in their original condition/packaging. Items discounted by 25% - 49% may be exchanged only.
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