Native Sons
How Good are Native Sons Eyewear? Discover the intricacies of a brand built on tradtional values with only the highest quality craftmanship in mind.


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Native Sons Eyewear Review

Most Notable Frames: Kerouac, Salinger, Clyde, Orwell, Merrimack, and Hughes

What makes Native Sons great is their dedication to the finer craft and artform of eyewear of the highest quality. With the aim of recreating an industrial design look, with simplicity in mind. All frames were made in theLIGHT Co. Ltd. under the watchful eye of Tommy O, the companies founder. Each frame is carefully quality controlled, shaped, and packaged, and the sheer process from start to finish is immediately apparent when you first unbox and try on the glasses for the first time. 

Native Son’s done shy away from an eclectic array of frames to choose from, offering both, sunglasses and eyeglasses. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact preference in a style that Native Sons go for. They really cover all bases with a variety of thick style boxy types available with other frames boasting the opposite style. Again, Native Son’s provide quality above all else and I’m very tempted to say they sit in my top ten for craftsmanship out of all independent eyeglasses brands I’ve reviewed. 

Getting hold of the exact prices of Native Sons is a little tricky. Generally, you’re the best bet is to purchase them in-store, although Native Sons operate from Japan and selected countries worldwide. A few online stores sell them, starting at a price range of around $300 and ranging as high as $480. I’m not against higher-priced glasses, but they do have to be entirely handmade from start to finish – none of this mass-produced crap. I think Native Sons pass the test. 

  • Quality & Design 98% 98%
  • Choice & functionality 73% 73%
  • Value for money 78% 78%
Brand History
With industrial design as its inspiration, Native Sons draw a well-balanced, top-quality original eyewear design with his own brush. Carefully selected from the highest quality materials, the simple and detailed hand-made eyewear promises to last forever.
Coupon Codes
Currently no known discount codes available. Check back later for any offers, discounts or coupon codes for Native Sons Eyewear.
Find a retailer
Native Sons mainly operate within Japan, although select locations internationally do stock the brand including the likes of Australia, Canada, Italy, and the USA. You're best bet is to check their 'stores' page on their official website. There are also a select few online retailers that stock Native Sons including Rumors web store, Oceans Goodlife, Ronherman, and Journal Standard.
warranty policy
Native Sons do have a lifetime warranty, but information on its exact policy is unknown and something that should be discussed in store.
Returns policy
Native Sons return policy is dependent on the store you purchase then from. Each reseller will have their own unique polices.
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