Sungod Sunglasses
As one of the only eyewear brands certifed B-Corp, Sungod are a fantastic independent eyewear companies who go above and beyond to create sunglasses which help the enivornment and have strong ethics.


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Sungod Sunglasses Review

Most Notable Frames: Renegades, Sierras, Vulcans, Airas, Ultras

Full review of Sungod Sunglasses coming soon after full testing has been complete.

  • Quality & Design 85% 85%
  • Choice & functionality 69% 69%
  • Value for money 88% 88%
Brand History
Founded in 2013 Sungod is a British performance eyewear brand that produces quality yet affordable sunglasses. What really makes Sungod unique compared to other eyewear brands is its ethical and environmental sanctions through sustainable business practices. Certified B-Corp, Carbon Neutral, and a member of 1% for the planet, Sungod Sunglasses are one of the only eyewear brands in the world that take such dedication in its focus on business accountability. Not only this, Sungod produces modern, classic, and beautiful eyewear with a small yet affordable array of specs for both men and women.
celebrities that wear Sungod
Sungod have been busy and have many different celebrties who wear their sunglasses. This includes the entire McLaren Racing Team (due to a sponsorship), and a variert of Love Island Stars.
Coupon Codes
No currently known coupon codes are known for Sungod Sunglasses.
Find a retailer
Currently Sungod Sunglasses can only be purchased though the Sungod official website. There are currently no authorised retailers or stores that stock Sungod.
warranty policy
Sungod Sunglasses have a fantastic lifetime Guarantee which covers against manufacturer defects and even accidental damage (even if you break them). If your glasses are damaged in any way Sungod will replace them free of charge and without question - amazing. The only thing the Sungod Lifetime guarantee doesn't cover is lens scratches, loss, or theft (you need something to return to them). If you already own a pair of Sungod Sunglasses you can start the return process using their authorization form here:
Returns policy
Due to the custom nature of each individual pair of Sungod Sunglasses (each are made to order to spec) Sungod does not currently accept returns or exchanges. This is different for Limited Edition or Signature Series products which come with a default 14 day returns policy from the date of purchase. Sunglasses will need to be in resaleable condition and in their original packaging.
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