Sunski Sunglasses
Sunski is a brand first funded through Kickstarter in 2012 that produces high-quality sunglasses for outdoor adventures, focused on sustainability and inspired by the pure joy of being outside, they are renowned for their great style and commitment to giving back.


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Sunski Sunglasses Review

Most Notable Frames: Dipsea, Yuba, Ventana, Avila, Makani, Seacliff

Full review of Sunski Sunglasses coming soon after full testing has been completed.

  • Quality & Design 70% 70%
  • Choice & functionality 76% 76%
  • Value for money 81% 81%
Brand History
Sunski is a brand that makes high-quality sunglasses designed for outdoor adventures, while inspiring their community to live in harmony with nature. Their focus is on raising the bar for sustainable sunglasses and celebrating the joy of being outside. Founded in 2012 by Tom and Michael, Sunski began as a Kickstarter campaign after Tom's surfing trip to Australia. The brand has since grown into a team of fifteen and donated $5 per pair of sunglasses sold to Earth Guardians in support of their work ahead of COP27, the UN Climate change conference. With ambassadors like Rober Watts, Emily Kruass, and Peter Walkters, Sunski continues to champion its values of sustainability and sun worship.
celebrities that wear robert sunski
No known celebrties are known to wear Sunski Sunglasses. That being said, they do have many ambassadors to the brand including Rober Watts (chef, athlete, model), Emaily Kruass (Sports doctor and researcher), and Peter Walkters (Yogi and philosopher).
Coupon Codes
No currently known coupon codes or discounts are available from Sunski eyewear.
Find a retailer
Sunski has many retailers across the world mainly located across the USA and North America. A select few locations are available throughout Europe (mainly the UK). For purchases outside of this area, Sunski does offer international shipping.
warranty policy
Sunski has a pretty awesome Warranty. Not only do they cover the lifetime of the product, against manufacturer and material defects, but they also cover against breakages that can occur during normal everyday use of the sunglasses. If your sunglasses frames break they will repair or replace your glasses free of charge (excluding shipping costs). Lenses are handled with our Lens Replacement Program, but are not covered by the Sunski Lifetime Warranty - this is separate.
Returns policy
Sunski has a pretty standard 30-day returns policy starting from the date of purchase. If you are unhappy with your sunglasses you can return them for a full refund (a shipping fee of $7.25 is mandatory). Sunglasses must be in their original packaging and in a resaleable condition.
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