TIJN Eyewear
Inspired by the cultural diversity and the everyday lives of people, TIJN Eyewear places a huge emphasis on challenging the consumerism that dominates luxury brands in the eyewear industry.


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TIJN Eyewear Review

Most Notable Frames: Henk, Tica, Jordy, Maaike

If you’re looking for sunglasses that are stylish and offer great protection from the sun, then you need to check out Tijn Eyewear. Tijn Eyewear has a wide range of sunglasses that come in different styles and colors. Some of the styles that you can find at Tijn Eyewear include aviators, cat-eye glasses, hipster glasses, and more. Each pair of glasses that you find at Tijn Eyewear is made out of high-quality material so that it will provide you with great protection from the sun.

One of the biggest selling points of TIJN eyewear is its price tag. It’s hard to find an affordable pair of glasses that both take into consideration modern fashion, protection, while priced for the everyday consumer. If price is your biggest consideration when it comes to purchasing a new pair of specs then you can do a lot worse than TIJN Eyewear. 

  • Quality & Design 64% 64%
  • Choice & functionality 80% 80%
  • Value for money 75% 75%
Brand History
Inspired by the cultural diversity when TIJN's founder was studying modern music in Amsterdam, TIJN Eyewear place focuses on the art of people's daily life and the connection between us on earth. TIJN goes out of its way to challenge consumerism and 'for profit' that is advocated by large brands/companies putting emphasis on suitability and ethics.
celebrities that wear tijn
We couldn't find any examples of famous celebries wearing TIJN Eyewear.
Coupon Codes
No current coupon codes available. Tjin eyewear do use Honey for discovering the latest discounts.
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No known information is available on the retailers online or in-store that stock TIJN Eyewear.
warranty policy
No information on the warranty is available on the TIJN Official website.
Returns policy
We accept returns on products. Customers have the right to apply for a return within 30 days after receipt. For non-quality related issues, we require you to return directly to our labs to minimize any extra middle transportation, as we encourage a decline in energy consumption of transport, an important environmentally friendly practice, reduce pollution caused by delivery, cut down all unnecessary spending and invest more in optimizing price and improving quality. Therefore, we don't provide try-on service and discourage unnecessary shipments for the goal of sustainability. We appreciate your understanding that the returns in this situation are not free.
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