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Starting life as a small small family-owned business in Chicago, WearMe Pro Eyewear provide a great array of stylish eyewear at affordable prices.


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WMP Eyewear Review

Most Notable Frames: Emerson, Wesley, Lance, Maxwell, Nick, Abner

WMP Eyewear has been on my purchase list for quite some time now. I really enjoy their unique taste in classic frames such as the Aviator or Wayfarers and really wanted to see if their fantastic style was complimented by both their affordability and quality. I decided to go with the Emerson Sunglasses. Coming in at just $39.00 they have a wonderful style to them and the contrast between the Tortoise frames and blue lenses was very attractive in my opinion. I also managed to snag a 15% discount code for signing up for their text alerts. This saved me a nice additional $5.85. 

The checkout process was very easy, although I was a bit disappointed by both the postage and packaging costs and estimated delivery times. I’m based in the United Kindom and shipping was $8.99 while the estimated delivery time was anywhere from 9 to 18 business days – quite long. I’m sure if you’re based in the US then this would be a lot quicker, but for Europeans and the wider world, expect to be waiting. After waiting for 2 weeks I received my package 13 working days after the purchase was made. This was actually a lot quicker than I thought it would and I wasn’t lumbered with import fees. WMP also provides tracking information so you can view where your sunglasses are every step of the way. 

Now onto the frames themselves. Whenever it comes to frames at prices as cheap as WMP Eyewear i’m usually very skeptical of their quality and always bracing myself for the worse. The thing is, these sunglasses were of fantastic quality especially when compared to other brands that take the Mickey with their prices. It’s fair to say that WMP offers a lot of bang for your buck. The lenses are polarised, scratch resistant, and also have an anti-glare coating. 

The frame is made from acetate with five-barrel stainless steel hinges and the lenses are polycarbonate lenses that offer 100% UV protection. Is the acetate the highest quality I’ve ever come across? Absolutely not, but again, for the price you pay, I really find it difficult to fault the glasses or recommend another brand that has such great value for money. 

  • Quality & Design 65% 65%
  • Choice & functionality 80% 80%
  • Value for money 90% 90%
Brand History
Founded in Chicago in 2011, WMP Eyewear (standing for WearMe Pro) is a small family-owned business that caters to stylish eyewear keeping up with the latest global trends. While now an international business, WMP Eyewear has kept to its core roots as a family-run business with customer service to match. In 2020 WMP partnered with the Arizona Humane Society to support the organization's mission of saving the most vulnerable animals.
celebrities that wear wearme pro
No currently known celebrites are known to wear WMP Eyewear.
Coupon Codes
You can get 15% off your order by signing up for recurring automated marketing text messages at WMP Eyewear. WMP are also part of the Honey Network so sign up to get the latest details as they come in.
Find a retailer
WearMe Pro Eyewear can only be purchased through their online official website and other authorized online retailers. WearMe Pro Eyewear is available through Amazon.
warranty policy
WMP prescription lenses come with a one (1) year warranty. If there's a manufacturing defect in our products or their workmanship.
Returns policy
If you're unhappy with your purchase at WMP Eyewear you can make a return within 30 days from the purchase date. This will cost you a fee of $5.00 (domestic only).
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