Brent Faiyaz Sunglasses

Identifying the Shades of R&B Singer Brent Faiyaz

Brent Faiyaz, born Christopher Brent Wood, is a renowned American R&B singer. He gained recognition through his collaboration with GoldLink on the 2016 hit single “Crew,” which achieved 6× Platinum certification and earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. Throughout his career, Faiyaz has been spotted wearing a wide variety of different sunglasses from the ones seen in his recent release ”Rolling Stone” (see video below) to photos on his social media. In this article, we’re going to break down the style and look of Brent Faiyaz and go about analyzing, and identifying the various brands of sunglasses that he favors and enjoys wearing. 

Official Music Video for Rolling Stone (2023): Faiyaz can be seen wearing sunglasses throughout

Brent Faiyaz: Identifying the Brands

The first pair of sunglasses we’re going to discuss are by far Faiyaz’s most popular frames (as seen in the image below). He can be seen wearing these in a wide variety of different situations from his latest music video Rolling Stone, through to an interview he did with Vogue in 2022. These sunglasses are completely black and have a thin completely oval-sized shape. After a little research online I was able to find a variety of different sources that confirmed that these sunglasses have been identified to be from the brand Gentle Monster – specifically the Oto 01 Sunglasses. These frames aren’t actually that badly priced and you can still find them on the Gentle Monster official website for a modest $289.00. They are also available in a few different colorways including Faiyaz’s black but also pink, creme, and brown. 

Gentle Monster: Oto 01 Sunglasses

The only other pair of sunglasses I’ve been able to identify (it seems Faiyaz swaps between these two styles), again, have been seen worn in a variety of different promotional photos and media shots (can also be seen in a purple colorway in this Billboard article from 2020). These sunglasses (image below) still take the same style as the above pair from Gentle Monster but provide a larger lens and a more angular frame. Some more research confirmed that these shades are from the brand Mykita and are the Maison Margiela MMRAW015 model. I don’t think Mykita sell these sunglasses anymore but you can still find them on second-hand marketplaces for prices around $500.

MYKITA + Maison Margiela MMRAW015