Celebrity Sunglasses of the Month: February 2023

Celebrity Spotting & Identification of some of the Eyewear worn by Hollywood Celebrities this Month

Each month we’re dedicating an article to some of the boldest, unique, and most unusual eyewear worn by celebrities across the world. Whether it’s the glitz of Hollywood or the casual streets of London or Paris, we’ve got a small but impactable round-up of celebrities’ sunglasses to bring you in our very first Celebrity Spotting article. Keep reading to explore the eyewear of Victora Beckham, ICE-T, and many more in our February 2023 edition of celebrity sunglasses spotting.

Photographed with son Cruz in Paris.

Victoria Beckham Sunglasses

Dior Bobby Sport M1U

Spotted with her son Cruz during a trip to Paris for a Paris catwalk show, Victoria Beckham and been seen wearing a pair of Dior Bobby Sport Sunglasses (M1U). These highly bold frames offer an oversized look with a style most remnants of Ski Googles inspired by the 1970s. Made from black acetate and with simple blue/purple lenses it definitively has a bold look. It’s increasingly weird that Beckham isn’t wearing sunglasses from her own brand with similar styles in her collection as the Flat Top V that take a similar style and colorway.

ICE-T Sunglasses

Salvatore Ferragamo SF221SL

At the 2023 Grammy Awards ICE-T can be seen wearing a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses (Model: SF221SL) alongside his wife Coco Austin. Things took a turn on Twitter as he apparently fought back at a so-called ‘Twitter Troll’ for suggesting his wife was wearing a dress ‘3 sizes too small for her’. The Sunglasses themselves are in a rectangular shaped Aviator style with Dark brown lenses. These sunglasses are available in a range of different colorways and can be purchased online for around the $300.00 mark.

A classic Aviator look from ICE-T.
Wearing Jimmy Choo Sunglasses.

Amanda Holden Sunglasses

Jimmy Choo Leah/S (06JHA)

From the glamor of Hollywood to the streets of London. UK Celebrity Amanda Holden was photographed on her way out of London’s Global Studios while wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo Leah Sunglasses (Model 06JHA). These sunglasses are highly unique thanks to their huge oversized frames and combination of flat top and rimless style. These glasses are available online in a variety of different colorways for around $350.00.

Zaya Wade Sunglasses

Miu Miu MU 09WS

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s daughter Zaya was seen wearing a pair of Miu Miu MU Sunglasses (Model: 09WS) during an afterparty for her catwalk debut. These sunglasses are in a combined style taking a look of both classic Wayfarters and cat-eye sunglasses. The most recognizable feature of the glasses is the thick acetate arms with the golden Miu Miu logo front and present on the bold eyewear. These sunglasses can be found on a variety of sunglasses retailers online for the price tag of $400.00.

Zaya Wade’s Miu Miu Sunglasses.
Rocking the Gucci pink beasts like a boss.

Wendy Williams Sunglasses

Gucci GG0148S

Famously worn by Harry Styles these sunglasses are about as bold as you can get with a large oversized frame encrusted with fake diamonds. These Gucci (Model: GG0148S) Sunglasses are all about being as bold as possible and looking more like something that Elton John would wear. These sunglasses are no longer produced by Gucci and fetch a high price on the aftermarket usually selling for around the $800.00 mark. Ouch.