Chief Keef Sunglasses

Identifying the sunglasses worn by American Rapper Chief Keef

Best known for his rap songs I Don’t Like (2012) and Love Sosa (2012), Chief Keef is an American Rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He rose to fame in 2012 and has seen critics point to Keef as a key figure in the popularity of the Drill Subgenre. Over this career, Chief Keef has a distinctive fashion style incorporating a blend of streetwear and urban aesthetics. One staple of his unique look is this unique pair of white oversized sunglasses. In fact, apart from a pair of ski googles he’s occasionally worn these white shades are the only pair of sunglasses he wears and have become synonymous with his look and persona. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into these white shades and see if we can go about identifying what brand of sunglasses Chief Keef wears.

The Music Video for Chief Keef’s ‘Earn It’ (2015)

Chief Keef Sunglasses: Identifying the Brand

After a quick search on the internet, it was becoming increasingly difficult to identify the exact brand of sunglasses worn by Chief Keef. There seems to be little information across social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and anybody talking about the famed sunglasses, on forums, came up short. With this poor start, I had to dig a little deeper in my search. The first point of the call was searching was finding an image that showcased the side of the sunglasses. This allowed me to get a better idea of the exact style of sunglasses. What I did know was these sunglasses are in an Aviator style, but also incorporate a more urban look with thicker rims and white frames.

Luckily, during my search, I came across a Reddit thread from early 2023 that posed the same question on the Chief Keef Subreddit. Here many different people gave their opinion on the exact sunglasses with one user finally chiming in with the following:

Gucci 1030 glasses I bought them off eBay

Euphoric_Comfort4318 – Reddit

With this information in mind, I searched the exact brand a model, the Gucci 1030 glasses, and managed to confirm that these are indeed the exact sunglasses worn by Chief Keef. These sunglasses have long since been discontinued by Gucci themselves but can be occasionally found on second-hand websites such as ebay and esty for prices anywhere from $200.00+.

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