Clark Kent Superman Glasses

Clark Kent Glasses: A Look at the glasses worn by Tyler Hoechlinrth in the TV Series Superman & Lois

One of the defining aspects of Superman is his Clark Kent persona, one which he uses to disguise himself. Since the very first Superman Comic, first released in 1938, Clark Kent has always worn a pair of glasses. Today we’re going to look into the glasses worn by Tyler Hoechlinrth in the 2021 TV series Superman & Lois. The series takes a different approach from what we’ve come to expect from a Super Hero series juggling their hard occupations and being parents in contemporary society. 

The Original Trailer to Superman & Lois (2021)

The Glasses worn by Tyler Oechlin for this role as Clark Kent are rumored to be a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster (Square Optics). That being said, there are some slight variations to the Clubmaster Sunglasses that differ from the ones in the show. The Bridge of the glasses has slight variations which may have been done by the props department of the show. The Ray-Ban Clubmasters themselves are a classic pair of Ray-Bans inspired by frames from the 1950s and most notorious for their intellectual look. 

Due to the increased popularity of Clubmaster eyeglasses/sunglasses, they are still sold today by Ray-Ban in a variety of different colors and frames. As of today, they can be bought for around $140.00.

A Pair of Clubmasters from Ray-Ban (in all Black)