Cleetus McFarland Sunglasses

A Look into the Hottest Shades in Racing Worn by Cleetus McFarland

Cleetus McFarland is best known as a car enthusiast rising to fame through his successful YouTube Channel where he posts videos about his car builds, drag racing, and other automotive-related content. He first gained fame for his appearances on the Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws, where he became known for his signature mullet haircut and infectious personality. YouTube,

Cleetus is particularly known for his “Freedom Factory” race track, where he hosts events and competitions for his fans and other car enthusiasts. His videos are characterized by his humor, enthusiasm, and passion for all things automotive, and he has become a beloved figure in the car community as a result. Cleetus McFarland’s success is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and genuine love of cars, and he continues to inspire and entertain his fans with his infectious energy and engaging content.

Cleetus Mcfarland Sunglasses: His Eyewear of Choice

Cleetus Mcfarland is often seen wearing a pair of Heatwave Visuals, especially the Quarto Sunglasses with the custom American Stars and stripes pattern on the arms. These glasses feature a unique look with a single shield lens and are completed with a contrasting metal brow accent the Quato is a great all-around pair of glasses and built to provide great protection and a unique style often associated with sports. 

Heatwave Visuals themselves are an American brand founded on the idea of original, affordable, and customizable sunglasses that offers both protection and a price tag to match. This is echoed by the price of the Quato which comes in a just $55.00. Great value for decent quality frames.