Crowley Glasses

Identifying the sunglasses worn by David Tenants ‘Crowley’ in the Amazon series Good Omens

Based on the novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, the Amazon series ‘Good Omens‘ follows the unlikely friendship between an angel and a demon who team up to stop the apocalypse. With an all-star cast, stunning visuals, and a quirky sense of humor, The Good Omens has become a cult classic in its own right. 

But the fashion choices of the show’s characters have really caught our eye, and no more so than Crowley’s mysterious and stylish sunglasses. In the Amazon Prime series Good Omens, Crowley plays a prominent role as a demon who has resided on Earth since its inception. Formerly known as “Crawly,” he is famously recognized as the Serpent who lured Eve into consuming the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The sleek, vintage-inspired frames have sparked curiosity about their origins and designer, with many clamoring to add them to their own eyewear collection. 

Crowley Glasses: Identifying his Eyewear of Choice

During the series, Crowley is wearing two different pairs of sunglasses. The first, and most unique pair, of the Valentino VA2003 Sunglasses. These really weren’t that difficult to find due to their unique futuristic, almost steampunk look. The lenses are surrounded by a metal accent that further helps keep light out and provides an enclosed look on the face similar to ski glasses. The Valention’s currently no longer sold by the company, but can be found on the aftermarket from prices around $200.00 – 250.00. 

The very unique Valentino VA2003 Frames – Steampunk inspired.

The second pair of sunglasses are much more classic in look. These round Wayfarer styles have been identified to be a pair of Persol P03166S. These narrow-fitting frames are seen in light brown (Havana) color and combine both Acetates with a razor-thin ultra-light metal bridge and temple. Luckily the Persol P03166Ss are still available for purchase and can be found on the official Persol website for around $300.00. 

These amazing Persol P03166S Sunglasses – A timeless look

In episode 3 of season 1, during a scene set during Shakespeare’s era, Coewley can also be seen wearing a pair of super small steampunk-inspired glasses that were the norm in style during at ear. It’s hard to say what the exact brand of sunglasses these could be if they are available on the market, to begin with. Many glasses in this style are available online through the likes of eBay and amazon and are actually authentic antique pairs from the period. Some brands do produce this style such as the below 1850s German Brass Sunglasses. These pair found through eBay actually do have a striking resemblance to the ones worn by Crowley in that episode. 

These 16th-century inspired glasses probably don’t have a modern brand and are most likely a prop.