Dr. Curry Glasses

The Eyewear of Choice for Psychologist & Viral Sensation Dr. Curry

Remember back to last year, the world was watching as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard took the stands in one of the most coveted and watched trials in history. Although the center of attention was obviously on Depp and Heard it was actually members of Depp’s legal team, most notably forensic psychologist and Director, Dr. Shannon J. Curry. who quickly became a viral sensation not only due to her natural beauty & intelligence but also due to a particular pair of black eyeglasses that caught the eye of watchers from across the world.

The internet was taken by storm and it wasn’t just Depp’s impeccable legal team leading the way but Dr. Curry’s defense that stole the spotlight. The video below, with over half a million video views, is just a short clip showcasing the glasses in question and in this article I’m going to attempt to see if I can identify the exact brand of glasses worn by Dr. Curry. Let’s jump straight in.

Dr. Curry Glasses: Identifying the Brand

This is probably going to be one of the more challenging glasses IDs I’ve done in quite some time. This is mainly due to the relative obscurity of Dr. Curry (and the fact the hype has died off since the trial), but also down to the fact these glasses are relatively plain in style providing very little stylistic accents, from frame shape to color, as to what it could be. The glasses are, in part, of the classic Wayfarer Style first popularised by Ray-Ban in the 1960s. That being said, I immediately discounted Ray-Ban the shades are slightly different and they aren’t marked (on the lenses) with the famous logo. What caught my attention was the glare or shine that reflects from the glasses as she moved in the light. Black Acetate of this quality could only be from more of the high-end brands usually handmade and manufactured in either Italy or China.

With very little to go off, I started the ID process by using good old social media. Due to the hype of Dr. Curry, her glasses, and the trial at the time, Twitter was a hub of activity for discussion. I stumbled across this post below from Twitter user ‘@ghostie_22’ which simply asked the site if anybody knew the brand. Although most comments weren’t helpful it was a user who posted a screenshot of a pair of DITA Sequoia Optical glasses which very much matched the look and feel of Dr. Curry’s glasses.

Dr. Curry Glasses: Are these the glasses?

Now sometimes I like to leave it at that and say that a job well done. But in the case of Dr. Curry’s glasses, I wanted to dig a little deeper and make sure these actually were. The reason for this, one being I’m just simply in a writing mood, is mainly due to the common stying of glasses and how it, in reality, could be any number of brands. When inspecting the Sequoia glasses online I noticed a few distinctive features of the glasses that I could easily cross-reference with the pair from Dr. Curry. The first, are the two metal rivets located on either side of the frames. The second, is the three accent lines, grooves in the Acetate, located just below these rivets.

The next step, and the hardest, was finding a high enough resolution image to actually see if Curry’s glasses even have them or at least a photo closer enough to her face. Luckily her official website has a few studio shots where she can be seen wearing the same glasses as seen in the Depp Vs. Heard trial. With some quick comparisons between the two the shape size, and accents I’m confident that the two glasses are the same.

Dr. Curry takes the stand in court

This confirmation, along with the clear high-quality Acatae of her frames (DITA uses Acetate from Japan) was enough evidence for me to say, with much confidence, that the glasses worn by Dr. Curry are indeed a pair of DITA Sequoias. At present, these glasses can be found on the official DITA website for the price tag of $450.00. They can also be bought in Dark Tortoise and clear colors, and in a sunglasses version. DITA is a very famous brand that offers the most premium specs in a variety of different styles.

The DITA Sequoia Optical Eyeglasses