Eazy-E Sunglasses

The Iconic Sunglasses worn by Rapper Eazy-E

Eazy-E, also known as Eric Lynn Wright, was a legendary rapper and record executive who played a pivotal role in shaping the gangsta rap genre during the 1980s. Born and raised in Compton, California, Eazy-E’s music often reflected the harsh realities of life in inner-city America, with lyrics that were unapologetically raw and uncompromising. He rose to fame as a member of the group N.W.A., which was notorious for its controversial lyrics and political activism.

Sadly, his life was cut short in 1995 when he passed away due to complications from AIDS. Despite his untimely death, Eazy-E’s influence on the music industry continues to be felt today, as his style and sound have been emulated by countless artists in the decades since. One reoccurring aspect of Eazy-E’s look was the sunglasses he wore throughout his career and in a variety of music videos at the time. In this article, we’re going to explore and identify the exact brand and model of sunglasses worn by the esteemed rapper.

Eazy-E wearing his iconic sunglasses in the music video for ‘Real Muthaphuckkin G’s’

Eazy-E Sunglasses: His Brand of Choice

Eazy-E only ever wore one style of sunglasses throughout his career as showcased in the below photo. These Ray-Ban Onyx-inspired sunglasses in all black were worn by Eazy-E from around 1991 until his traffic death in 1995. It is believed that these sunglasses were a pair of Giorgio Armani Sunglasses (Model: 932 020 130). Giorgio Armani themselves started producing eyewear in 1988 and quickly rose to fame thanks to their blend of classic styles and amazing quality. The Armaini 932 020 Sunglasses, handcrafted in Italy first hit the market sometime around the same time Eazy-E started wearing them (although this is yet to be confirmed).

After falling out of fashion for the best part of 20 years these Giorgio Armani Sunglasses have suddenly hit the mainstream again and seen a huge surge in popularity. Because of this, getting your hands on a vintage pair of the Armani 932s is becoming increasingly more difficult with pairs selling for prices in the hundreds of dollars. Although finding an authentic pair of these E-Eazy glasses is rare, the style has lived on through a variety of other brands. Next, we’re going to explore similar brands that you can get your hands on that replicate the look of Eazy-E’s infamous specs.

Eazy-E Sunglasses: Alternatives to Consider

The popularity of these frames makes it easy to find many replica’s on the market if you’re considering a look similar to Eazy-E. The most recommended sunglasses are by Locs Sunglasses as these were designed and made to the exact specification of Eazy-E’s original sunglasses. Called the Loc’s Old School (with a polished finish & CAT 4 Protection) these glasses can be yours for as little as $11.99. Below are just a few different styles of Locs that you should consider. 

Locs Hardcore Black 0103: These are probably the closest you’re going to get to Easy-E’s sunglasses. These have the right frame dimensions and come in both matte and shiny black (although I believe Easy-E had shiny black from photos). These can be purchased online for an affordable price tag of just $14.99

Locs Hardcore Wrap: These glasses are still within the style of Easy-E but instead feature a wrap-around style with is better for people who want a more secure fit on the face. These are better for sports and when out and about and can be purchased for an even cheaper $7.99.

Vanmage Summerlin Sunglasses: The final pair of sunglasses we recommend you check out are these Vanmage Summerlins. These are our wildcard choice so to speak, as they’re not from the same brand as Easy-E, but do have the same look and style. The reason we recommend these are for their fantastic quality, but they also come with Polarized lenses and a sweet reflective look in a variety of different colors.