Elon Musk Sunglasses

Sunglasses as a Signature: What Brand of Sunglasses Does Elon Musk Wear?

Elon Musk is a big fan of classic Aviator Sunglasses. But what is his brand of choice and can we go about identifying the various pairs he’s been seen wearing over the years? It’s not entirely clear the exact brand of sunglasses worn by Elon Musk. But we’re going to give you our take on the brand of choice and see whether we can locate the exact brand of sunglasses worn by Musk.

The first thing is I’m pretty confident musk only wears sunglasses from one brand. The style, shaping, and overall quality of the frames seem consistent with a single brand, and as I said earlier, he has only ever been photographed wearing Aviator Sunglasses. If you’re only interested in the style then this is probably where you can stop reading. Aviator sunglasses are one of the most popular styles of sunglasses in the world. Dating back to the 1950s and first developed by Ray-Bans, you can find a wide variety of different Aviator Sunglasses from different brands ranging in prices.

Musk at a Twitter Conference wearing black aviators

Elon Musk Sunglasses: The Muskery

The first thing I did in attempting to identify the brand was, well, ask an AI (specifically Chat GPT). With its vast knowledge, I was curious as to its response and it did indeed provide me with its own suggestions as to what it thinks the brand of sunglasses is. It first said Elon enjoys wearing Ray-Ban Aviators. I think this is probably false as Ray-Bans always have their logo printed on the lenses and no pictures of any glasses like this exist. Another two suggestions were both Oakley and Maui Jim Sunglasses. Again, Maui Jim, although amazing sunglasses, also stamp their logo on their frames. Oakley is an option but requires more research.

My next step was to take to social media. Reddit, Twitter, and specialized forums are all great starting points in discovering people also searching for these answers and I was hoping one of Musk’s crazed fantastic would have some ideas or clues. Reddit is my favorite place with such dilemmas but served as nothing more than a false goose chase. People on Reddit threw brands such as Mykita and Randolph Engineering, all of which are similar in style to his sunglasses, but with zero evidence to back up their claims.

Finally, I took to Twitter. This is where I really started to gain traction and found some great leads. I stumbled across a podcast called ‘Energy Week’. The episode in question, titled ‘Tesla Fallout’ talks about Telsa’s Q2 earnings along which a bunch of other stuff. In this podcast, it was mentioned that Elon was asked specifically what brand of sunglasses he wears with his definitive answer being Oakley Sunglasses. You can view the podcast here (where it’s mentioned at approx. 3:20). I also listened through the Q2 Earnings from 2018 trying to find the exact moment Elon’s asked the question regarding his sunglasses. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find this so far. See if you can find it here.

Musk with a pair of sunglasses with Prizm Sapphire Lenses.

Elon Musk Sunglasses: It’s Oakley

Now we know that Elon Musk confirmed himself to wear Oakley, the next question is what are the exact models he likes to wear. We know from images that he’s a big fan of Aviator Style Sunglasses, but is commonly seen wearing a variety of different styles with a variety of different colors and lenses. It’s these distinctive lenses which help further confirm Musk’s love of Oakley. The chrome/mirror lenses as seen in the photo above (called Prizm Sapphire Lenses by Oakley) are worn by Musk in a variety of different videos/conferences and are most likely a pair of Oakley Gauge 8 or similar models like The Contrail or Crosshair. Please keep in mind that there’s also a very good chance he’s wearing a pair of Oakley’s that is no longer sold by the brand and has since been discontinued.

I myself am not a big fan of Oakley Sunglasses. This is mainly down to the poor quality of frames in relation to their high prices. This is mainly because Oakley is owned by conglomerate Luxottica which is notorious for its poor ethics, price fixing, and producing the majority of its frames in China. Any brand owned by Luxottica (Ray-Ban included) took a massive dive in quality when they were acquired and Oakley’s story is somewhat sad as they never wanted to be bought out by Luxottica but were forced to due to the global sway this company has (back in 1999).

The Oakley Gauge 8 Sunglasses