The shape of our face and sunglasses says about you a lot, as we have discussed earlier. Few brands have introduced the feature of augmented reality just for the sole purpose, to make their customers select their favorite pair of sunglasses that suits perfectly the shape of their face. So let’s understand what frames fit perfectly for different face shapes.

Sunglasses for a square-shaped face

The round sunglasses style is the perfect match for a person who has a square-shaped face. A square-shaped look always has a well-defined jawline, and since the length and width of your face are approximately equal, round-framed sunglasses are the best pair of eyewear for them. The trick here is to accentuate your face cut by softening the angles to make them look less shaped, buttoning down the sharp cuts. Round pair of sunglasses always does this magic to give peculiar structure to your face and soften the sharp edges and angles.

Sunglasses for Oval or round shaped-face

Oval or round-shaped faces are usually softer on the edges with the rounded jawline and possibly fewer or no sides on their faces. They are often the exact opposite of a square-shaped face, and hence any round or oval face cut needs a square frame to give a better constructive look. They provide the much-required edges and finish to your softer face making it a distinct, edgy look. Wayfarers and rectangle sunglasses are the best choices for these shapes, and it is advisable to avoid cat eyes and round glasses like aviators.

How to select sunglasses for a triangular face?

The triangular face shapes are those face cuts that have a wider forehead or chin area. If your face falls into this category, then making your face look a bit wider and defined is what the purpose of your sunglasses style must be. Again, for such face cuts, wayfarers are the best suitable frame of sunglasses that will suit their face shape and highlight all their narrow edges. Like square-shaped faces, a triangular-shaped look also has a few definite advantages. Hence, it requires a softer way to accentuate those edges more delicately.

Sunglasses for Men

Men have a definite style in terms of eyewear. They usually go for a simple and sober look when looking for sunglasses. Sunglasses like Sporty goggles, aviators, and oval-shaped shades are the most favorites among men as they can go well with any formal and casual occasion.

Try selecting your sunglasses according to your face’s shape to make them look more appealing and intimidating. However, even today, men tend to overlook such important aspects and just select the pair of sunglasses that feel appealing on the rack. The shape of the frame, the color of the lens, and the texture play an important role when selecting your shades. Now grab those beautiful sunglasses for men for gifting your father.

Sunglasses for Women

Any women’s wardrobe journey is incomplete without the pair of perfect eyeglasses suiting their attire as well as their face shape. Their goggles are not only to glam up their look but also to protect their pretty eyes from harmful UV rays, heat, and dust. The pollution in our cities is enough to harm our eyes, and hence a good quality pair of sunnies is essential.

Be it cat-eyes, a classic aviator or just simple sporty sunglasses, the shape of your face defines what your sunglasses must look like. So, invest in something that suits you the best rather than waste your hard-earned money on sunglasses that does not even help you accentuate your face cut. Now grab your favorite pair of sunglasses for women for gifting your mother.