Gerard Way Sunglasses

Identifying the sunglasses worn by MCR Frontman Gerard Way

I happened to stumble upon this tweet (see here) from Gerard Way and it got me thinking as to the exact brand of sunglasses he wears. After a quick search online I couldn’t find much information on any brands he likes to wear, but many different examples over the years of different styles and models. With little information to go off, I decided to take matters into my own hand and do some investigative work to see whether or not I could go about identifying the sunglasses choice of Gerard Way. 

Earyl band video for My Chemical Romance: Gerard wearing aviator sunglasses

My journey began with this tweet as these sunglasses are quite distinctive compared to other pairs worn by Way. He oftentimes wears black sunglasses, most likely to go with his Emo persona that comes from his band My Chemical Romance. But these shades as seen in the tweet while he was performing on stage during the 2011 Hollywood Tower concert in California deviates from this form with a more translucent frame in an Havana or tortoiseshell colorway. These frames are also in the style of the Ray-Ban Clubman Sunglasses. These are similar to the classic Wayfarer style, yet also include a rimless section of the glasses frames on the underside. After trawling through many different photos and different styles I’ve been able to identify as the DITA Statesman in Tortoise. As you can see from the 

A young Gerald Way wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers

But what about other sunglasses worn by Gerald Way over the years? We’ll Way is a big fan of Wayfarer sunglasses and it’s no surprise he’s been seen wearing an official pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers over the years (see above). You can easily identify whether a pair of sunglasses are from Ray-Ban or not based on the Ray-Ban logo located directly on the right side of the glasses lenses. Another more distinctive pair of sunglasses are the below photographed squared sunglasses with thick frames and a white strap along the top. These were quite easy to identify and seem to be a pair of Chanel Italy 20th Century in Black and White.

Chanel 20th Century Sunglasses