How to Stop Your Glasses From Slipping?

Slipping Glasses: An Action guide on how to prevent this annoying problem

Slipping glasses can be a frustrating problem for many users due to the mechanical instability of the frame design. While friction and material flexibility may prevent the glasses from falling off, they can still slide down the nose. As the glasses age and screws become loose and nose pads bend, the issue can become worse. In this article, we’re going to look into what causes glasses to slip, and discuss the actions you can take to help prevent, and solve, the issue at hand. This video here is also a great place to start.

 Understanding the Causes of Glasses Slipping

The most frequent causes of glasses slippage include facial features, moisture, lens coatings, and poor earpiece settings. Glasses can slip down the nose if they are not fitted to the curve of the face appropriately. The spectacles can become slick from sweat as well. Heavy frames and anti-glare coatings can potentially exacerbate the issue, especially if the earpieces are not adjusted to match the wearer’s head.

Tips for Keeping Glasses in Place

There are many methods, techniques, and gadgets available to prevent your glasses from slipping. The first thing to try is to adjust your glasses’ nose pads. This can be accomplished by gently bending the nose pads to fit the wearer’s nose shape or by changing the nose pads’ tilt to better suit the face. Be careful to not force the metal as it could lead to you potentially breaking your glasses. Only do this if it’s clear the nose pads are already out of shape.

Another method is to coat the nose pads and earpieces of the glasses with anti-slip material. These coatings, which can be applied as sprays or drops, work to strengthen the bond between the face and the glasses. The use of straps or cords that go around your head and attach to the glasses, is another effective method (see below for more details). Below are some of the best products on the market which should help with glasses slipping.

Products to help with glasses slipping

Anti-Slipping Bands

Eyewear bands are a popular accessory for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts as they securely hold glasses in place during physical activity. These bands, which wrap around the head, prevent glasses from slipping and ensure they stay securely on your face during tumbles and rolls. 

However, they may not be suitable for everyday wear as they can appear out of place in non-sport settings and are often times very noticeable. That being said, if slipping is a problem during sports or other outdoor activities these are one of the most sure-fire ways to stop your glasses from slipping. Anti-Slipping bands are made by a variety of companies, and you can easily find them on places like Amazon for affordable prices. 

Eyeshadow primer

A popular hack among women is to use eyeshadow primer on the nose bridge where the nose pad and glasses rest. This creates friction similar to using a rubber nose pad on the glasses, but it does not affect the way the glasses frame sits on the nose bridge. However, this hack is mainly for women and only for single-day use. The time it would take daily to do this in and of itself is probably more effort than it’s worth depending on how bad the glasses slipping problem is. Try it for yourself first and see if you’re happy with the results. 

Stick-on Nose pad

Choosing glasses with rubberized nose pads or covering the spectacles with stick-on rubber pads can give extra support. While the head is bowed down, as when performing push-ups or using a phone, the increased friction on the nose pad may not be as helpful in enhancing support. 

Stick-on nose pads come in a variety of qualities and durability levels, with better-quality models lasting for several months while less expensive ones tend to break off within a few days. Stick-on nose pad rubbers’ additional thickness may also bother certain people and can cause marks near or next to the nose. That being said this is one of our favorite ways to prevent slippage. 

Wax coating

Nerdwax is a popular friction wax coating that is popular among people with slipping problems and was founded through a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2014. The special wax is applied to the nose pad area and the temple where the glasses come into contact with the skin. Reviews are very positive and is barely visible. Its blend of beeswax and natural, cosmetic-grade ingredients is good for the environment and comes in at an affordable price tag of just $10.00.

The main drawback is that it needs to be reapplied periodically, but not as frequently as you would with the eye shadow primer method. If you have oily skin and clean your glasses with mild soap every night, you will need to reapply it more frequently. That being said, this is a fantastic and proven method. 

Glasses Earhook

A specialized eyewear accessory to provide support behind the ears is the glasses ear hook. These attachments slide onto the glasses temple and hold the glasses in place from the back of the ears, providing the most effective method of preventing glasses from slipping. However, the ear hooks are usually visible, and taking off the glasses requires lifting the temple higher to clear the crest of the ears. Inexpensive designs may cause discomfort to the back of the ears due to pressure. It may take some time for users to find the perfect position that keeps the glasses comfortable and in place.