Jeff Bezos Sunglasses

We Explore the sunglasses of choice of amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos

One of the richest and most powerful businessmen in contemporary history is Jeff Bezos, the founder and former CEO of Amazon. Bezos has accumulated a fortune that is nearly unimaginable, with a net worth estimated to be over $150 billion. Bezos is renowned for both his investments in other areas like media and space exploration as well as his audacious and creative leadership style, which has helped Amazon grow into the largest online retailer in the world. Bezos remains a contentious figure despite his immense success, with detractors questioning Amazon’s effects on small firms and its treatment of employees. But nobody can deny that Jeff Bezos has irrevocably changed business and society in general.

Jeff Bezos is a fickle man. He doesn’t just stick to one brand of sunglasses or style of eyewear. Over the years, Bezos has been sighted wearing a wide variety of different sunglasses including them meme-filled heart-shaped sunglasses as seen below. But what exactly are his brands of choice? And did he simply rummage through the back of an Amazon warehouse? In this article were going to look through a variety of sunglasses worn by Bezos, identify their brand, and provide information on where you can get yourself a pair of Jeff Bezos Sunglasses.

Jeff Bezos going through a Mid-Life crisis

Jeff Bezos Sunglasses: Idenefitying his Brands

Let’s first address the most iconic pair of sunglasses Bezos has worn – his meme-driven heart-shaped sunglasses. When I first saw Jeff in brightly colored tight trousers and rocking a pair of heart-shaped glasses I thought I’d entered into an alternative dimension. But alas, I hadn’t. After bleaching my eyes I immediately took to Twitter to see if there was an actual brand that manufactures these sunglasses or if are they simply a cheap pair of Chinese knock-offs. The simple answer is there isn’t one single definitive brand that produces these sunglasses. You can find them on Amazon for as low as $20.00, or on sites such as Wish or Ebay

Now onto some of Jeff’s other sunglasses of choice. Jeff doesn’t stray too far away from some of the more popular brands which made IDing his specs not too difficult. The first pair we’re going to discuss, as seen in the image below, is a pair of Garrett Leight Van Buren Sun. I’m unsure why Jeff keeps getting himself photographed in the most ridiculous ways but his attempts at a ‘Vin Diesel’ hardman look aren’t working for him. These sunglasses can be found online or in-store for the price of $365.00. Not even a dent in his $150 Billion.

Jeff wearing Garrett Leight Van Buren Sun

The Next pair of glasses were going to discuss is a pair of Wayfarer-style specs as seen below. Again sticking to the same brand these seem to be a pair of now-discontinued Garrett Leight Kinney. These Wayfarer style frames are still available to purchase but sadly not in the gold metal finish as seen on Bezos when he attended Wimbledon. 

Finally, Jeff seems to swap between Wayfarer style and aviator style depending on what he’s doing. Whenever he’s seen on a golf course or working within Blue Origin Jeff is often times wearing a pair of Aviator-style sunglasses. The specific ones here have been identified to be a pair of Oliver Peoples Conduit Street Sunglasses. These glasses are now discontinued but can be found second-hand for around $400.00.

Jeff wearing Garrett Leight Kinney