Jeffrey Dahmer Glasses

Identifying the Glasses Worn by Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer’s crimes were shocking and disturbing, and he is considered to be one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and with a troubled childhood marked by loneliness, alcohol abuse, and mental health issues, he was responsible for the deaths of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. After his eventual arrest in 1991, his case sparked intense media attention and raised questions about mental health, addiction, and the justice system. 

In this article, we’re going to explore the glasses worn by Dahmer and take an attempt to try and identify and see if we can uncover the eyewear brand he wore. We’ll also be taking a look at the dramatization of Dahmer’s life, in the Netflix Mini Series, and further look into the glasses worn by Actor Evan Peters in his portrayal of Dahmer. 

Trailer for the 2022 Netflix Series DAHMER
A Word of Warning: Disclaimer

The purpose of this article is solely for educational, research, and archival purposes. I, The author, do not condone or promote the replication of Jeffrey Dahmer’s look or style, as this would be inappropriate and insensitive given the severity of his crimes. The identification of the glasses worn by Jeffrey Dahmer is presented solely as a factual matter, and not as an endorsement or recommendation of his personal style or choices. I, The author, recognize the sensitive nature of the topic and encourage readers to approach it with respect and sensitivity.

The Glasses worn by Dahmer when in Prison

Jeffrey Dahmer Glasses: An Unusual Search for a Killers Eyewear

I wouldn’t normally write articles like this mainly due to the sensitive nature of the topic. That being said, there’s a shocking amount of people in search of what’s been dubbed ‘Dahmer-esque’ Glasses. The first thing we should do is quick a quick overview and description of the glasses Dahmer wore. The most obvious place to start is their style which is seen to be in an aviator style. Aviator-inspired glasses are one of the most popular styles of glasses in the world first developed by Ray-Ban in the 1950s. 

Another interesting aspects of Dahmer’s glasses are their unique gold colorway. Made entirely of thin metal (also known as wireframe glasses) they are a product of their time with the thin, wireframe and oversized look being of peak popularity in 1970/80s. Finally, the other distinctive feature of his glasses is the large ‘cross bar’ that extends over the top half of the glasses lenses connecting the two.  

YouTuber Jake Webber got the opportunity to hold the Dahmer Glasses up for auction (2022)

Jeffrey Dahmer Glasses: Up for Auction

In 2022 it was announced that a Canadian seller was to put up an authentic pair of Dahmer Glasses for auction for a starting price of $150,000. The seller claims to have obtained the glasses from the former housekeeper of Dahmer’s father. The great thing about this auction as it enables us to take a closer look at the glasses worn by Dahmer as many photos, including the one above, showcases the glasses in great detail, including markings. 

I took a closer look myself and was able to make out the text markings on the arm of the glasses. They are labeled with the markings ‘Titmus 287’ along with the country of origin – The USA. A quick search for this term brings up a range of eyewear made by the brand Titmus which specializes in producing Safety Glasses. Based on the information we have I believe these to be the exact Titmus glasses model 287 and using reference photos from other sellers online I believe this to be the case. 

Evan Peter in this portal of Dahmer in the Netflix series of the same name (2022)
Dahmer Netflix Series: The Glasses worn by Actor Evan Peters in his portrayal of Dahmer

Discovering the glasses used in the series Dahmer (2022) was going to be a little more tricky. Before I start going into researching these glasses, I’m prefacing that there’s a huge chance these are custom-made props and not produced by any brand. The reason why I think this is most brands won’t want to be associated with a serial killer such as Dahmer and to avoid legal trouble Netflix would most likely opt for prop glasses as opposed to an actual pair of branded glasses. That being said, I wasn’t entirely sure this would be the case so I set out on an investigative search to see if I could identify the glasses worn by Evan Peters in the series Dahmer.

My first point of call was social media. I stumbled across an article that talked about how rapper Rick Ross tweeted about wanting a pair of Dahmer glasses for himself. This tweet was met with uproar, as you’d imagine, as shining light on Dahmer in any light but negative was bound to be controversial, especially among a celebrity such as Ross. The tweet was subsequently deleted, but I wanted to go back and see if I could find the archived tweet, and its responses, to see if anybody did go about searching for the glasses in question. 

Rick Ross’ Deleted Dahmer Tweet

I managed to track down the original tweet from Rick Ross, but as I previously said it was quickly removed from Twitter. I plugged both this link and Ross’ Twitter handle into the Wayback Machine (a site that archives old websites) only to discover they hadn’t been archived. I could only see responses from the original Twitter thread from screenshots taken from articles at the time. This led me to this image here which showcases a pair of glasses found by user @GawdofFrames on Twitter. These recommended frames seem to be a pair of vintage PERSOL 761 RATTI or the Hilton OX 305. Personally speaking, these glasses have a lot of differences whether it be the frame shape, Bridge thickness, or even large differences in the colorway.  

After further searching google it seems there’s no definitive answer as to the exact model of glasses used in the Netflix series and worn by Evan Peters. That being said, I did manage to find some period-specific eyewear that does indeed match the look, feel, and description of these glasses. The first is a vintage pair of Ray-Bans from the 1950s. The large thick bridge and bar across the top are perfectly in-line with the glasses worn in the series along with a correct golden colorway. I found these glasses on Ebay and although they’ve been identified as Ray-Ban the exact model is unknown (see ebay listing here).

The closest pair I could find the Dahmer’s glasses – as seen on ebay