Joe Burrow Sunglasses

Identifying the Eyewear of Choice of American Football Quarterback Joe Burrow

Although he’s most known for his amazing skills as the Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback, Joe Burrow has also made headlines for his unique sense of style off the Pitch. Over his short career Burrow has been signed wearing a wide variety of often bold and eccentric sunglasses often will colorful lenses and premium ornate designs. It was in an interview with NFL (as seen in the video below) that really caught the attention of the media, and fans across the world, when he wore rose-colored sunglasses. His love of sunglasses expands across his entire choice of attire. Unlike most Football players Burrow’s fashion choices often hit the headlines with his fans often debating as to the exact brands he loves and enjoys wearing.

In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into the various styles and brands of sunglasses Joe Burrow likes to wear. We’ll be identifying the exact models and providing you with up-to-date information on how you can go about getting yourself a pair of Joe Burrow Sunglasses.

The NFL Press Conference where Joe’s Sunglasses hit the Spotlight.

Joe Burrow Sunglasses: Identifying the Brands

It’s no secret that Joe Burrow has a certain soft spot for a luxury brand of sunglasses – Cartier. Across media, photography, interviews, and press conferences Burrow is often seen wearing a pair of Cartier glasses in a variety of styles and with a usual quirky lense color. In fact, these glasses have often caught the attention of reports where one famously asked in a press conference ”Is there a significance to the glasses?”, to which, Burrow confidently replied, ”No, I just think they’re pretty cool – what do you think?”.

Cartier has a rich history across America, especially among the Hip Hop community in Detroit (where they’re commonly referred to as Cartier Buffs). These frames have been subject to much controversy mainly due to these being the cause of many deaths from criminals attempting to steal prized frames. Cartier’s history can be traced as far back as 1847. Although it wasn’t until the 1980s they started producing sunglasses, they started incorporating high-quality materials such as gold, platinum, and diamonds into their designs which quickly caught the attention of high-brow celebrities propelling the brand into the spotlight.

Burrow wearing the Cartier-inspired glasses from Milik Dupris.

Joe Burrow seems to have a preference towards rimless Cartier Glasses usually with smaller lenses with a square shape. In the photo below and during one press conference for the NFL in 2022 Burrow can be seen wearing up too much speculation about the exact brand. They are most defiantly based on the iconic pair of Cartier glasses – The exact model, called Cartier Wires (Model: CT0344O), is distinctive with its square lenses and double-hinged golden arms. But speculation online, mainly on Twitter & Reddit suggests these are actually manufactured and made by the brand Milik Dupris. It took me by surprise that a notable celebrity wouldn’t wear authentic Cartier glasses but a quick look on the official Milik Dupris all but confirms that these Cartier-inspired frames, basically knock-offs, are nearly identical to the ones pictured on Joe Burrow.

This is actually quite good news for people wanting to purchase a pair of these glasses. These exact frames, dubbed the Guapo (in Rose Gold), can be found on the Milik Dupris website for $200.00 much cheaper than any authentic pair of Cartier Wires sunglasses (which can cost upwards of $1000.00). These can also be found in a huge variety of different lens colors including green, purple, and red.

Première de Cartier Sunglasses.

Another pair of similar style sunglasses were featured in an Instagram post by Burrow with the simple caption ‘Cartier glasses I won’t even peek at you‘. These sunglasses with their rectangular shaped and black lenses are another example of Burrow’s love of Cartier. Unlike the previous pair, these are authentic Cariter and have been identified to be Première de Cartier Sunglasses (Model: CRESW00545). The contrast of black lenses with a smooth gold finish really makes these glasses stand out. They are currently available online on the Cartier website for a price tag of just over $1000.00.

Now let’s take a step back in time. Burrow wasn’t always enamored with Cartier glasses, in fact, over his short but prosperous career, he’s been sighted wearing a wide variety of differently styled frames ranging from classic Aviators to vintage Wayafers. While preparing for the Super Bowl LVI he was caught and filmed entering SoFi Stadium in Southern California wearing a simple pair of Nike Maverick Sunglasses (Model: RGE M DC3295 010). These affordable but modern Wayafter-inspired frames have stark Turquoise Blue Mirror lenses and a square angular look to them. These Nike Sunglasses are highly affordable and can be found online for around $150.00.

The reason why Burrow is seen wearing Nike Sunglasses is most likely not down to choice but due to an endorsement deal, he signed with Nike just before the 2020 NFL Draft. This isn’t the first time Burrow has been sighed wearing glasses that aren’t probably to his own unique tastes. In an advertisement for the Nerf Guns (yes, the children’s toy) Joe was featured wearing a classic pair of Wayfarer Eyeglasses. It’s unclear as to the exact brand of these glasses (due to the popularity of this style) but I’d bet money on them is a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

The Nike Endorsed Maverick Sunglasses.

In 2019, Burrow was photographed on his way to preseason camp wearing yet another style of sunglasses. The image below features Burrow wearing a pair of Aviator-inspired glasses with Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses with a wireframe design. These sunglasses have been identified to be from the brand Maho and are the Adriatic No.2 Model. Inspired by the Croatian Adriatic Coast, these geometric sunglasses feature a lightweight frame and three-barrel stainless steel hinges. They can be purchased online from the Maho official website for the affordable price of just $170.00.

Wearing Maho Adriatic No.2 Sunglasses.

Burrow Sunglasses: Alternatives & Recommendations

It’s unfortunate for most that Burrow’s choice in eyewear is most likely outside of the everyday man’s budget (it’s definitely outside of mine). With Cariter glasses reaching prices of around $1,000 I wanted to provide some alternative recommendations for other brands that provide a similar look to some of the more popular sunglasses worn by Joe Burrow. Brands such as the previously mentioned Milik Dupris are a good place to start, but other more niche independent brands include James Oro, Blank Eyewear, and DITA.

Alternatively, you can look on stores like eBay and Amazon for much cheaper sunglasses made and mass-produced due to the popularity of these frames. I can’t guarantee the quality of these glasses from such Marketplaces, but if you’re on a budget and don’t care for quality these are the places to go.

The James Oro Authentic II Sunglasses