Juice Wrld Sunglasses

The Many Shades of Juice Wrld: A Look at the Rapper’s Iconic Sunglasses Collection

Juice WRLD, whose real name is Jarad Anthony Higgins, was a talented rapper, singer, and songwriter. He emerged on the music scene in 2018 with his debut album “Goodbye & Good Riddance,” which showcased his unique blend of hip-hop and emo music. His breakout hit “Lucid Dreams” became a global phenomenon, topping the charts and earning him critical acclaim. Juice Wrld’s music was known for its introspective and emotional themes, with lyrics that explored topics like heartbreak, drug addiction, and mental health. 

Despite his short career, he was one of the most influential rappers of his generation, with millions of fans around the world. His music continues to resonate with fans, and his legacy lives on as a testament to his talent and creativity along with his style and influence throughout the music scene. In this article, we’re going to go about discovering the wide array of different sunglasses worn by WRLD throughout his career.

Juice WRLD – Bad Boy (2021) wearing Etnia Barcelona MONTI

Juice Wrld: Fashion, Style, and Influence 

Juice Wrld’s style and fashion were as unique as his music. He was known for his eclectic and trendsetting style, often blending streetwear, vintage clothing, and bold accessories. His signature look included baggy pants, oversized hoodies, and flashy jewelry, which he paired with bold sneakers and designer accessories. He also rocked colorful hair and often experimented with different haircuts and dye jobs. 

His fashion choices were a reflection of his artistic persona, which was unapologetically bold and fearless. Juice Wrld’s style and fashion had a significant influence on his fans, many of whom emulated his look and made it a part of their own personal style. This is especially true with this choice of eyewear. On the stage, Juice Wrld was rarely seen without a pair of sunglasses, and their unique look and feel had his fans scrambling to discover the brand and eyewear of choice of Juice Wrld. This article is going to look into identifying the brand of sunglasses worn by Juice Wrld and looking at where you can get your hands on these unique sunglasses. 

Saint Laurent Classic (SL210 F002) worn at the Billboard Awards

Juice Wrld Sunglasses: Identifying his Sunglasses Brands

Over his career Juice Wrld wore a variety of different sunglasses in various, media appearances, music videos, and concerts. In this section, we’re going to explore some of his more popular choices and take a deep dive into discovering and identifying the origins/brands of choice. Ranging from popular designer brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci to more independent brands like Etnia Barcelona, Juice Wrld’s style cannot be understated, and it’s these glasses that have fans wondering – where can I get them?

The first pair of sunglasses we were able to identify were the ones he wore in the music video for ‘Bad Boy’. These are a pair of Etnia Barcelona, specifically the model Monti (Blpk). These sunglasses are no longer sold or produced by Etnia Barcelona but are seen to sell second-hand for anywhere between $150 – $250. These are actually some of the cheapest pair of sunglasses WRLD owned and wore.

Wearing Prada PR 21XS 01E5S0 during a concert

The next pair we identified was seen worn by WRLD during a variety of different concerts around the release of his first studio album. These frames are more classic in style than his unusual choice and have been identified to be a pair of Prada PR 21XS Sunglasses. These glasses are no longer sold by Prada but were affordable at the time of release coming in at around $200 – $300.

Next, we have the pair of oval ski-style glasses worn by WRLD during his appearance at the Billboard Awards in 2019. where he won the award for Top New Artist. These sunglasses have been identified to be a pair of Saint Laurent Classic (SL210) with a double metal bridge. Yet again, these are a brand of sunglasses no longer sold by Saint Laurent but can be found on the aftermarket selling for prices around $230 – $300.

Louis Vuitton 1.1 Millionaires Sunglasses

Finally, In 2019 new previously uncovered photos of WRLD were released from an NME Cover Shoot further showcasing WRLD’S style and range of sunglasses. The above photo, from the shoot, has been identified to be a pair of Louis Vuitton 1.1 millionaires Sunglasses. These sunglasses are actually still available to purchase online and in-store through the LV official website. Currently, they’re available for around $750.00 but can be found cheaper second-hand.

Juice Wrld Sunglasses: Alternatives & Recommendations

Juice Wrld has expensive taste in eyewear and for most of us, including myself, his designer shades are probably a little too much to consider. That being said, most of these designs are not subject to any sort of copyright or trademark. This gives budget brands the chance to replicate the frames at much more affordable prices. We did a little search on the web and discovered some frames that have the same look and feel as those designer shades worn by Wrld. 

SHEEN KELLY Sunglasses: These are a knock-off style based on the Louis Vuitton 1.1 Mioonaires. As you can see from the image below they come in at the same dimensions and have large oversized lenses and the chunky rims that make the Millionaires so stark when worn. These Sheen Kelly Sunglasses can be purchased for the low price tag of $14.99.

When it comes to a similar look to the aforementioned Saint Laurent Classic sunglasses, we have a few different options to bring you. The first pair is the Venti Steampunk Glasses. They have the correct colorway and also include the metal crossbar that joins the two lenses together. A great choice for just $19.99. The other alternative pick is the Pro Acme Sunglasses. These are a little more subtle and come in an all-black finish. Also a great price for just $20.99.