Justin Bieber Sunglasses

The Range of Sunglasses worn by Celebrity & Singer Justin Bieber

Composit 1.0 Sunglasses worn by Bieber in 2017.

1. Christian Dior

Composit 1.0 Sunglasses

In May 2017 Bieber’s attended the ‘China: Through The Looking Glass’ Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here he wore a unique golden blazer, but it was his pair of Wayfarer-inspired specs with clip-on sunglasses that had people talking. These black and gold frames have been identified to be a pair of Christian Dior Composit 1.0 Sunglasses that have also been seen on other celebrities such as Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez. These frames are timeless in style and combined large oversized frames with beautiful metal accents throughout. These are highly affordable frames and although they’re no longer sold by Dior can be found on various aftermarkets for prices ranging from $150.00+.

2. Balenciaga

Neo Oval Sunglasses

During the 2022 Grammy Awards Justin Bieber wore a definitive attire that compared a massive oversized suit, a pink beanie hat, and a pair of Balenciaga HardCrocs shoes. To top it off he wore a rimless pair of small oval sunglasses with thin frames and arms. These sunglasses have been identified to be also part of Balenciaga’s range simply dubbed the Neo Oval Sunglasses. These glasses seem to be inspired, as the name would suggest, by the Matrix Series as Keanu Reeves also rocked a similar style during the first film. Although no longer sold officially by Balenciaga they can still be found on second-hand websites for around the $400.00+ mark.

Balenciaga Neo Sunglasses worn by Bieber during the 2022 Grammy Awards
Ray-Ban Rectangle 1969 Sunglasses in stark Orange/Amber

3. Ray-Ban

Rectangle 1969

In 2021 Bieber attended the opening of a new Las Vegas restaurant and hotspot Delilah. Here he was reunited with ex-girlfriend Chantel Jeffries and was photoed for the event wearing a casual caramel bomber jacket and baggy loose-fitting jeans. To compliment his jacket he also wore a retro-inspired pair of aviator sunglasses with stark amber/orange lenses. These sunglasses are from the esteemed and popular brand Ray-Ban and are simply dubbed the Rectangle 1969 model. Ray-Ban is highly affordable specs and these rectangular frames can be found on their official website for around $120.00+.

4. Poppy Lissiman

Cherloi Sunglasses

Shades can in all different shapes and sizes but nothing has been quite as strange or bizarre as these Alien-inspired specs that Bieber was photographed wearing in 2022 while on a stroll with his wife Hailey Beiber in New York. These are by far some of the most eccentric sunglasses we’ve ever come across with their huge oversized frames, thick acetate rims, and lenses shaped in what we can only describe as ‘bug-eyed’ or Alien inspired in shape. These sunglasses were fairly easy to identify due to their unique look and are a pair of Cherloi Sunglasses from designer Poppy Lissiman. These sunglasses can be found on the official Poppy Lissiman website for a fairly affordable price tag coming in at around $150.00.

The Bug-Eyed Cheroli Sunglasses by Poppy Lissiman
David Beckham branded sunglasses as seen on Bieber in 2021

5. David Beckham

Model: DB 1031/G/S

While shopping and exploring Paris in 2021 with Wife Hailey, Bieber was spotted keeping it casual with a simple grey hoodie and tan chino pants. His sunglasses of choice are another pair of small framed and lens aviator-inspired sunglasses. These have been identified to be from David Beckham’s own range of sunglasses specifically the model ‘DB 1031‘. Beckham launched his range of eyewear back in just 2020 and has since become a popular choice among many celebrities including the likes of Tom Holland. These glasses aren’t available online and can be purchased in one of the many retailers of DB’s eyewear.