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Glasses Worn by Celebrity & Musician Justin Timberlake

Multi-talented performer Justin Timberlake is renowned for both his taste in fashion and his flourishing music career. Before beginning a successful solo career, he first gained notoriety as a member of the boy band ‘NSYNC. Along with being well-known for his music, Timberlake is also well-known in the fashion world for his slick appearance. He is renowned for his love of tailored suits, sleek, minimalist style, and his propensity for fusing traditional pieces with contemporary accents. Timberlake has established himself as a style symbol throughout his career, making him a favorite among both followers of fashion and trend-setters.

Over his 20+ year career, Timberlake has been photographed wearing a wide array of different styles of sunglasses from a variety of designer brands. This article is going to attempt to ID some of these sunglasses and provide details about their brand, style, price, and of course, how you can go about purchasing a pair for yourself. Let’s jump straight into it!

Photo captured from one of this latest albums

1. Garrette Leight

Brooks S – T47

From Garrette Leight’s collection, a bestselling square-shaped acetate style with a defined keyhole shape in a wide range of acetates. Available in a wide range of colors from Champaign (Golden) through to Glass (Clear) and Butterscotch (Orange). Comes in at a price tag starting at $355.00.

2. Paul Smith


Most would agree a quite an outdated look, that is quintessentially 90s, this pair of Paul Smith Sunglasses were worn by Justin Timberlake photographer at a concern in New York. With Gold metal oval frames, green lenses, and frosted tips, I’m sure Justin would rather this image disappear from the internet. Can be bought from vintage resellers anywhere from $50.00 – $100.00.

Known as one of his most awful looks
Trying to capture that ‘Peaky Blinder’ Look.

3. Oliver Peoples (Luxottica)

Finley Esq.Sun – T51

With frames similar in style to the famed Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Timberlake can be seen here, outside a building in New York, rocking a pair of Oliver Peoples Finley Esq. Sun. Available to purchase from Oliver People’s official website for a price of $398.00, these sunglasses are fantastic being made from Acetate and available in 6 distinct colors.


DRX2011 Statesman

Another fantastic look from Timberrlkae rocking a pair of DITA Stateman. A frame inspired by the timeless and golden age of Hollywood these sunglasses will never go out of fashion. With Titanium lens rims, Acetate tips, and with a black/silver frame. The Statesman will set you back a hefty $675.00. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted. Can be bought directly from the DITA official website.

Yes, I’ve placed him floating in the sky.
A more casual Timberlake papped by the Paparazzi.

5. Tom Ford

TF0237 Snowdon

Tom Ford is known for its versatile and timeless frames. Timberlake was photographed here back in 2019 wearing a pair of Snowdon’s that, again, are inspired by Wayfarer but with a thicker frame and all-black lenses. Timberlake clearly has expensive taste as these sunglasses also come at a high price of $430.00. These frames are still available and can be purchased from the Tom Ford official website.

Other Glasses Worn by Timberlake

Aside from the above-mentioned Timberlake has worn a variety of other sunglasses over the years. He seems to have a soft spot for Oliver Peoples as long with the pair of Finley Esq. Sun’s he been seen wearing he’s also worn the Oliver People’s Riley’s (T48) and Deacon (T50). His most distinct pair of sunglasses are by far the Carrera 27s. Carrea’s are most famous for their bold 80s-inspired frames made famous for being the sunglasses used by Tony in the film ‘Scarface‘ (1983).

If you have any more information on any other sunglasses worn by Justin Timberlake then we’d like to know! People email us directly at hello@justmyglasses.com and we’ll be happy to add any new eyewear on to this list.