Kabir Singh Sunglasses

Identifying the Brand of Sunglasses Worn by Kabir Singh in the 2018 Film

The bright but troubled physician Kabir Singh is portrayed in the 2019 Bollywood film Kabir Singh which follows the story of Singh after his girlfriend Preeti is forced to marry someone else, as Kabir Singh descends into self-destructive behaviour. Although receiving positive reviews in some areas, the movie has generated a lot of debate because of its portrayals of toxic masculinity, misogamy, and the romanticization of violent behaviour.

In the movie of the same name, Kabir Singh’s sense of style corresponds to his rebellious and unusual persona. He frequently appears in casual attire like graphic tees, worn-in trousers, and leather jackets. Kabir’s outfit features a variety of hues that reflect his erratic and strong personality, ranging from subdued tones to vibrant, bright hues. Sunglasses, which Kabir consistently dons throughout the movie, are among the stylistic elements that stand out the most. Large aviator sunglasses that have come to symbolise the character and serve as a distinctive feature of his persona have become iconic.

The Trailer for the film Kabir Singh (2019)

The sunglasses themselves are very distinctive in style thanks to their incredibly thick rims (which are set backward) yet wired temples (arms). It’s fair to say these are a style of sunglasses I’ve not come across before which made it even more intriguing when I couldn’t find any information on the exact brand of sunglasses online. In this article, I’m going to take a deep dive into these unique specs and see if I can find the exact brand of the glasses from and worn by Kabir Singh.

Actor Shahid Kapoor wearing these iconic frames

Kabir Singh Sunglasses: The Search Begins

The biggest problem I found when starting my research into these frames was the huge amount of knock-offs and replicas that exist. A quick image reverse search (using Google lens) shows the frames have been mass-produced by such companies as Alibaba and Aliexpress (for as little as $5.00) in attempts for these companies to capitalize on the success of the film. This has made it difficult to find any information on what came before all these mass-produced replicas were made and why nobody yet has found a source on the exact brand and origins of these glasses to date.

Social Media websites such as Reddit and Twitter were all but useless but it was through Quora and this thread here that user ‘Sankhya’ manage to identify these glasses to be a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo SF177S Sunglasses. A closer inspection of these glasses shows they’re an exact match whether it be their wireless hinges or blue inlays surrounding the glasses lenses (as seen in the image below).

An Authentic pair of Salvatore Ferragamo SF177S

Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian fashion designer who only started producing eyewear in the 1990s. Launching its first eyewear collection in 1991 the designs reflected the brand’s sophisticated persona and included a mix of modern and classic elements as seen in the pair worn by Kabir Singh. As far as rarity goes, the SF177S Sunglasses are increasingly rare and are incredibly difficult to come across online and on second-hand websites. The popularity of the film has probably increased the rarity and desirability of the sunglasses making them, at this point, near impossible to find.