Kris Jenner Sunglasses

A Look Back at Kris Jenner’s Sunglasses Style, Brands & Frames of Choice

Port Tanger Sunglasses: Current Model Unknown

1. Port Tanger

Model: Currently Unknown

In 2020 Kris Jenner posted a photo on Instagram of herself rocking a new pair of frames. She simply wrote ‘New favorite glasses’ tagging in the brand Port Tanger. These glasses are huge oversized sunglasses, with thick acetate frames and deep purple lenses. Port Tanger is a really new brand that specializes in an array of vintage-inspired frames that hark back to a time when these oversized frames were commonplace – around the 1960s (check out the likes of Audrey Hepburn). The exact model of these sunglasses from Port Tanger is currently unknown and they don’t seem to be currently available on their official website. The closer pair we could find today were either the Yamina or Mauretania Sunglasses. Port Tanger glasses can sell for anywhere around the $300+ mark.

Tom Ford Christophe Sunglasses

2. Tom Ford

Model: Christophe Sunglasses

These sunglasses were first seen being worn by Kris Jenner around 2014 and featured a Wayfarer-inspired look, with larger oversized frames and unique white acetate rims with marble/ivory-inspired patternation. These sunglasses have been identified to be by designer brand Tom Ford specifically the Christphone Model of sunglasses (FT0279 25F 53). The glasses themselves are no longer available to purchase through the Tom Ford website officially but can be found at affordable prices on second-hand marketplaces for around the $120.00+ mark.