Lebron Sunglasses

Attempting to Identify the Sunglasses Worn by Basketball Player LeBron

Over the years famed Basketball player LeBron has been spotted wearing a wide range of different sunglasses. The basketball player defiantly has a favorite style using opting to wear all-black sunglasses usually inspired by the famed Wayfarer Style (first produced by Ray-Ban). In this article, I’m going to attempt to go through a range of photos of LeBron and try and identify the brands of these sunglasses and provide you with information on how you can get your hands on LeBron’s Sunglasses.

In 2018, LeBron and the Cleveland Calivers were photographed returning after a game (image above). All wearing and coordinated in suits, ties, and sunglasses courtesy of New York-based designer Thom Bowne. Among the various sunglasses worn by the players, LeBron can be seen rocking a pair of sunglasses produced and designed by the designer himself Thom Browne. These have been successfully identified to be the Model TB015. These are stylish glasses with an Aviator and oversized style. Checking the Browne official website I can no longer see these exact frames for sale, but similar styles can be found such as the TB124 and TB423. These glasses are by no means cheap coming in at a price tag of around $700+.

Another pair of sunglasses worn by LeBron (see image above) was seen being worn by the man himself around the same as the above-mentioned 2018 season. Here LeBron is wearing a more classic Wayfarer-inspired pair of sunglasses with brown lenses and a Tortoshell pattern on the frames. These sunglasses immediately stood out to me due to the glasses’ immense shine on the Acetate. It didn’t take me long to figure out these are sunglasses from the famed California-based brand Jacques Marie MageThe Enzo Amber Model. JMM is one of the most popular independent brands of recent years and produces a wide array of limited-edition eyewear. Although the Enzo Sunglasses are no longer available (you can see the original listing here), many similar variations can be found on the official JMM website coming in at prices anywhere from $600.

The amazing Jacques Marie Mage Enzo Sunglasses – With Green Lenses