Liam Gallagher Sunglasses: Better Days

In 2022 Liam Gallaher released his critically acclaimed 3rd studio album titled ‘’c’mon you know’’. The Glasses rocked in Liam’s new music video for better days have turned a lot of heads due to their distinctive style and retro look. Featured heavily throughout the music video for Better Days Liam Gallagher Rocks a pair of Vallon Ski Aviators in Dark Tortoise. 

The Ski Aviators from Vallon are a tribute to one of the most memorable ski sunglasses designs of all time. In the 70s and 80s, they were the epitome of cool, worn by everyone from elite skiers to Hollywood icons like Robert Redford. The recent popularity of larger oversized sunglasses has provided Ski Aviators with a new lease on life and Liam himself is clearly getting behind the trend. These glasses are reminiscent of the likes of Carrera Sunglasses which were popular in many 80s movies such as Scarface (1984) and Casino (1995).

Who are Vallon Sunglasses?

VALLON, founded by two Swedish brothers, aims to revolutionize sports eyewear by combining classic aesthetics with high performance. Inspired by traditional alpine designs and 70s movies, the brand meticulously develops and tests their products with a team of experts, partnering with Carl Zeiss and utilizing proprietary lens technology to offer unique, fair-priced, and stylish performance eyewear. Classic design meets maximum performance at VALLON.

FINLAY Hamilton Sunglasses worn by Liam at Glastonbury (2022)

FINLAY x Liam Gallagher

Another pair of glasses worn by Liam during his most recent tour is actually part of a collaboration between eyewear brand FINLAY and his latest album. These Hamilton frames are a more classic look for Liam and have been a preferred choice throughout the 90s and Oasis era. They are limited edition and available in 4 different colors (Silver/Blue, Black/Grey, Gold/Orange, and Gold/Green) coming in at a price tag of £150.00. They also come with the iconic ‘LG x’ inscription and a cleaning cloth.

Funnily considering the hatred between the two Gallagher brothers, both Liam and Noel have been sighted wearing eyewear from the London-based brand. In fact, Noels’ choice of sunglasses featured in basically all of his promotional material for his upcoming tour in 2023 and was featured on the cover art for this ‘best of’ album ‘back the way we came’. These glasses worn by Noel are the FINLAY Chiltern Crystal sunglasses, which, unfortunately, are no longer sold by the brand.

LG X FINLAY: With encrusted LG initials