Lily-Rose Depp Sunglasses

Style Inspiration: Identifying Lily-Rose Depp’s Sunglasses Collection

Like Daughter Like Father, Lily-Rose Depp (Daughter of actor Johnny Depp) is no stranger to a good pair of sunglasses. Over the years, Lily-Rose has been sighted wearing a wide range of different styles of sunglasses not dissimilar to the styles worn by Johhny Depp himself. Many of the specs she’s been seen wearing home back to an early 2000s style with a thin frame and more circular lenses. In this article, we’re going to attempt to identify the brands of a few of the most commonly worn sunglasses by Depp and provide you with the details of how you can get your hands on, and replicate, her style.

Lily-Rose Depp wearing Chanel Sunglasses

Lily-Rose Depp: Identifying the Brands

As with any investigation I first took to the internet to see if anybody else had successfully been able to identify some of the sunglasses worn by Depp. Usually, this brings up tonnes of suggestions, but in the case of Depp, there’s very little information available online – aside from pictures of course. What I did discover was that many of the frames seen in photos and images are part of Lily Rose’s appearance on many catwalks hosted by the design brand Chanel. As a manufacturer of sunglasses, it would be weird if she wasn’t wearing Chanel Sunglasses at a Chanel event. This at least gave me a lead to investigate further. 

In 2018 Lily-Rose was photographed wearing an odd pair of small framed Circular Sunglasses with a tortoiseshell pattern. This was taken during the aforementioned Chanel’s Couture Event. Little information can be found online about these sunglasses but they seem to be inspired by a 1990s pair of sunglasses from Chanel – The Model 5035. The only difference between these and the ones worn by Lily Rose in 2018 is the disappearance of the Chanel logo which was originally plastered on the side of the glass’s rims. It’s likely these are a re-design and release of these glasses from the 1990s, with slight changes, but it’s hard to say as these sunglasses seem to have been lost to time. 

Credit: Poshmark

Another pair of similar-style sunglasses can also often be seen in many photographs of Lily Rose out and about. These are confirmed 100% to be Chanel branded as they have the Chanel logo plastered on the sunglasses’ arms in big letters. That being said, I’m again, having a hard time figuring out exactly what model of frames these are. Again, inspired by many glasses from the 90s, these frames differ in the fact they’re more cat-eye in style but still have that slim oval look (they’re not oversized). If anybody has any information on any of these sunglasses worn by Lily-Rose Depp please get in touch. We’d love to know!

Lily-Rose Sunglasses: Alternatives & Recommendations

As I’ve done a terrible job of exactly identifying the exact models of Chanel sunglasses in this article, it’s only fair I provide some alternative recommendations for similar sunglasses that take a close look and feel to the sunglasses worn by Lily-Rose. These recommendations come in at various price points and are all available to purchase online. We’ve also provided some options from Amazon which are much more reasonably priced compared to others on this list.

So now onto our Amazon finds. The first one is nearly identical to Chanel’s Model 5035 and has a fantastic 90s look to it. Called the Jovakit Oval Sunglasses they are available in a range of colorways including black, brown, white, and Tortoise. These sunglasses come in a very low price tag of just $12.88. Another great pick has to be the Kuguoak Rectangle Sunglasses. These come in a value pack of two in a variety of colors and are very similar in style again to the Chanel sunglasses. These are fantastic value with a 2-pack in black coming in at just $6.99. Finally, we also have a pair of shades inspired by the below-pictured frames from Vivienne Westwood. These are more oval in shape with thicker acetate around the lenses. Our pick is the Allarallvr Oval Sunglasses coming in at just $12.99.

Credit: Vivienne Westwood