LOOK x MATERIKA: PIUMA Styles Take Center Stage

Dynamic and Lightweight: The New Magnesium Models from LOOK’s Piuma Materika Collection

Two new models have been added to the Piuma Materika line by the LOOK – MADE IN ITALIA brand, a high-end sublabel renowned for its contemporary and energetic designs. These most recent frames are no exception, with a form and layout that give the impression that the wind fashioned them. Magnesium is used in the construction, which not only gives it a sleek and light appearance but also invokes a fast-paced environment where every ounce matters.

These frames will be added to the current lineup of four alternatives, which are offered in both men’s and women’s sizes and a variety of colour options. They are scheduled to be unveiled at the Opti 2023 fair. These new designs’ colour schemes are incredibly distinctive, ranging from exceptional matte and polished finishes that give off a chic appearance to sparkling tones that emphasise the frames’ dynamic form. The temples have also been highlighted with vivid hues and reflective metal accents, giving them a genuinely eye-catching appeal.


The lightweight magnesium material utilised to build these frames is a significant component in achieving the look and sensation of high speed because it is essential for keeping weight to a minimum. The design of the frames itself also illustrates this idea, as the sharp edges of the bridge and end pieces blend into the rims to give them a fluid and wind-molded appearance, as if they had been tested in a wind tunnel.

One of the colour choices very closely resembles the appearance of unprocessed magnesium, giving the product a distinctive and genuine appearance that perfectly embodies the spirit of the fast-paced world. There are two options for men and two for ladies, so this collection has something for everyone. The Piuma Materika series features both brilliant, sparkling colours as well as refined matte finishes.


Who is Materika?

The Materika line by Look Factory is a luxury brand that uses only the best materials, like aluminium and magnesium. These organic components are expertly mixed to produce alloys that are non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight while also possessing exceptional mechanical properties.

Because this material can be recycled multiple times without losing any of its unique characteristics or possibilities, it is also a sustainable choice. The company’s most recent product innovation, ALUMIX, is the first flexible aluminium material that flawlessly matches modern frames and styles.