Macho Man Sunglasses

Identifying the Brand of Sunglasses worn by WWF Flighter Macho Man

Best known for his time in the WWF, Randy Savage, better known by his ring name Macho Man is regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers to ever live. One of these most recognizable features was his overly flamboyant and distinctive attire. His staple among his choice in clothing extended to his eyewear where he was rarely seen without a pair of sunglasses adorned his face. Whether it’s for a costume or you simply like the style of Macho Man’s shades, in this article we’re going to look into identifying the many shades of Macho Man and see if we can go about identifying the brands of sunglasses he loved to wear and those that helped define his look in WWF. 

Macho Man Sunglasses: Identifying the Brands

Like any sort of investigation, I first sort the help of the internet to see if anybody else had gone about identifying Macho Man’s sunglasses. Although he wore a wide range of different sunglasses over his career, by far, his most famous shades were the large wrap-around sunglasses in white. It’s these frames which we’ll be focusing our search on today. Little information is currently found online regarding the exact brand of these sunglasses. That being said all wasn’t lost. It was a random post on the auction website WorthPoint, that pointed me in the right direction and suggested that the sunglasses are from the brand Swatch (yes, the famous watch brand) and are known as the model Swatch Alpine King Sunglasses

Wearing his famed frames in an iconic interview

This was further confirmed for me as a few images of Macho Man showcase the sides of the glasses which feature a distinctive white circle (probably a hinge for the sunglass’s arms) located on the sides. It’s also worth mentioning that Macho Man’s sunglasses didn’t have the swatch logo located at the very top of the frames (see image). This could cast doubt on whether or not they are the right/correct model, but the chances are it was simply removed for copyright reasons or not wanting to unlawfully promote the Swatch brand.

Swatch Alpine King Sunglasses

Macho Man Sunglasses: Alternatives & Recommendations

As these Swatch Apline King sunglasses were from the 1980s getting your hands on an authentic pair is most likely going to be difficult. The few examples online from secondhand marketplaces seem to sell for around $400 but that’s if you can find them being sold in the first place – they are very rare. Because of this, I have searched the web for a few alternatives that you could consider that take the same look and feel as Macho Man’s but at a fraction of the price. 

Sun-Staches Sunglasses: These are direct replicas of Macho Man’s sunglasses and are as close as the brand wanted to get. They include a circular Google-style lens shape and include the most white frame with black lenses. Not only this but they include 100% UV400 Protection and impact resistance you you don’t need to worry about their durability when in use. All this can be yours for the low price of just $9.99 – a bargain if you ask me.

Feisedy Oversized Sunglasses: A more popular and well-known brand. The Fesisdy is more of a wildcard pick and better for everyday use in my opinion (the design isn’t so stark). They have the same overall lense shape (a visor look) and also include the most UV400 Protection, adjustable nose pads, and a comfortable lightweight design. Slightly more expensive at $18.99 but still great value.

Sun-Staches Replica Sunglasses