Michael Weston Sunglasses

Identifying the Sunglasses of Michael Weston in the Series Burn Notice

As a well-known TV and Film actor, Jeffrey Donovan has starred in hits such as Extinction (2015), Wrath of Man (2021), and the successful TV Series Burn Notice (2007 – 2013). Burn Notice got many people’s attention as Jeffrey Donovan’s character Michael Weston (not to be confused with the director/actor of the same name) frequently wears a pair of unique sunglasses. People have been scrambling to try and figure out the exact model and brand of the sunglasses and discover whether or not they’re still available to purchase today. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into Micheal Weston’s sunglasses and see what information is there for successfully identifying his shades. 

The Season 1 Trailer for Burn Notice (2007)

Michael Weston Sunglasses: The Style of Shades

The first thing to do with any identification is look into the exact style of these sunglasses. These sunglasses (as pictured below) are a variety of the popular Aviator Sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses were first invented in the 1930s and designed and produced specifically for pilots to help prevent glare at high altitudes (hence the name Aviators being a play on the term Aviation). Since then, Avoatr’s became popular outside of aviation and became a hit in the consumer market. Aviators are defined by their tear-drop-shaped lenses, oversized look, and distinctive bridge that crosses from one lens to another. 

Since the 1930s there’s been many different variations and design changes made to the design of the Aviators. Although the classic style still remains popular, different looks that still incorporate the overall design elements of aviators have jumped in popularity. Micheal Weston’s sunglasses in Burn Notice, are one of these variations. They include a double bridge popular with aviators, and thin wired frames, but have a different lens shape option for a smaller lens with a more squared look (as opposed to the teardrop shape). We can also note the colorway of choice in the series (a vintage brown) that further adds to the retro look aviators have.

Michael Weston Sunglasses: Identifying the Brand

Due to the age of the series Burn Notice, it wasn’t difficult to successfully identify the brand of sunglasses worn by Michael Weston throughout the series. That’s down to many people who already don’t do the research for me online – so thanks for making my life easier. These have been successfully identified as a pair of Oliver Peoples Victory Sunglasses. Oliver Peoples is one of the most popular eyewear brands in the world, owned by Luxottica, and develops a wide range of popular sunglasses commonly found in TV and film. 

The Victory Sunglasses themselves (model OV1246ST 5036) were very popular in the early to late 2000s and have been adorned on the faces of many celebrities including the likes of Brad Pitt. Unfortunately, the Victory shades are no longer available to purchase officially through the Oliver Peoples website. You can still find the sunglasses on second-hand marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon at prices around $300.00

Michael Weston Sunglasses: Alternatives & Recommendations

Due to the rarity of the Victory Sunglasses, and its high price tag, it might be worth considering some alternative sunglasses that have a similar/same design as the Victory sunglasses. Below are just a few of our top recommendations for alternatives to the Victory Sunglasses that still retain the same look and style. 

Chimi Aviator Sunglasses: These Aviators from the brand Chimi embody a modern interpretation of the timeless rectangular silhouette, characterized by its striking minimalistic design. Made from quality materials, Chimi is known for its craftsmanship yet lower prices compared to many of the mainstream brands. These sunglasses can be yours for a reasonable price tag of $180.00.

Oliver Peoples Dresner: Although Oliver Peoples no longer produces the Victory Sunglasses they still have a range of similar style Aviators for you to consider. One is the Dresner. Crafted in Japan, the Dresner showcases double bridge sunglasses that exude a cool aesthetic reminiscent of 1970s fashion. Constructed from lightweight Titanium featuring a gentle mirror finish, these sunglasses are a testament to both style and comfort. Prices are not cheap coming in at around $400.00.

Knockaround Mount Evans: Knockaround is all about affordability and style. The Mount Evans features rectangular frames that create a desire to serenade rock melodies while cruising down the expansive highway toward thrilling adventures. A well-respected brand and at a price tag of just $35.00.

J+S Premium Aviators: Simple, cheap, and effective. The J+S Aviatrors, which can be found on Amazon, are not the best quality frames on the market, but they definitely fit the bill for a fantastic design. Available in a range of color offerings and with UV400 Protection, they are an absolute steal coming in at just $18.99.

Chimi Sunglasses: A Great look, style, and alternative.