Mike McDaniel Sunglasses

Uncovering the Unique Style of Sunglasses Worn by Mike McDaniel

As the Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins, Mike McDaniel is often in the spotlight. As of around 2021 McDaniel has been seen touting a unique pair of sunglasses. With Stark amber lenses and two-tone metal plating, the sunglasses have caught the attention of Miami Dophin fans and others alike. What brand of frames are these, and how can you go about getting your hands on a pair? In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into attempting to identify these unique sunglasses worn by McDaniel.

Unique Amber framed glasses as seen on McDaniel

Mike McDaniel: Identifying his shades of Choice

The first point of call when identifying any pair of sunglasses is to take a good look at them. These sunglasses are clearly inspired by the famed Aviator Style first produced and manufactured by Ray-Bans (for pilots). What stands out are the slight differences from a classic pair of Aviators. This includes the unique shape of the frames (which seem to be rectangular in parts but curved in others). The other big difference is the metal bar that extends from the top and joins the two individual lenses together. With this information in mind, I got to searching across the internet for a potential lead.

When searching for any sunglasses brand it can get quite difficult especially if they’re a popular shape/model such as the famed Aviator model. They clearly were not the likes of Ray-Ban or Maui Jims as they both have their logos etched on the glasses lenses. Drawing a blank, I decided to take to Reddit to see if anyone in the eyewear community could help out. Luckily enough they found it!

These sunglasses have been identified to be a pair of DITA Midnight Special in the 12K Gold. DITA is famed for its unique take on many classic styles of sunglasses and the Midnight Specials are no different. These designer frames include Titanium frames and temples and innovative floating side lens rims. Made in Japan, the problem with DITA isn’t their exemplary designs and quality, but the price. Most likely outside of most people’s budgets the Midnight Special Sunglasses can in at a staggering $675.00 and can be bought online from the DITA official website.

DITA Midnight Blue Sunglasses – $675.00 USD

This style of sunglasses (Aviators) has seen a resurgence in popularity over recent years, although, that being said, Aviators are a sample in the eyewear world and have been popular as far back as the 1950s. They were most popular during the 1980s thanks to the hit Hollywood films such as Top Gun where Tom Cruise wore them throughout. Aviators regardless of fashion trends seem to always remain in style so if you want a pair of timeless shades Aviators are the best way to go.