Money Heist Professor Glasses

Identifying the glasses worn by ‘The Professor’ in the hit series Money Heist

Throughout the series Money Heist (2017), the popular character The Professor (portrayed by Álvaro Morte) is always wearing a pair of spectacles whether they be eyeglasses or shades. This has sparked the debate online as to the exact glasses worn by The Professor and whether or not we can successfully identify their brand(s). The style of sunglasses El Profesor wears is quite a modern mix of traditional and classic design. They are an all-black pair of eyeglasses with a frame a large frame and lenses that look similar to a famed Aviator style with almost tear-dropped shaped lenses. This style of eyewear was most popular and most associated with glasses in the 1970s. You only need to look at the style in such films as Scarface (set around the 1970s/80s) to see this. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into The Professor’s sunglasses and go about identifying them. 

The Professor can be seen wearing his famed frames in this season 1 Trailer

Professor Glasses: Identifying the Brand

With such a simple style, it has been quite a challenge trying to identify the exact model of sunglasses worn by The Professor. I started my search on social media, looking to see on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and even Reddit whether anybody else has mentioned these glasses. Unfortunately, very little information is available online and many people are only suggesting alternative brands to these that, in all honestly, how little resemblance to the actual pair of specs. Having watched Money Heist myself, I had a good amount of time to reflect and pause the program getting many great chances to see the glasses from different angles. It was here, that I noticed the glasses have a unique metal accent on the arms. This is a very common accent and trademark of the brand Persol, and to my surprise, I seemed to be correct.

The Persol El Profesor Sunglasses (P03160V)

It looks like Persol has some sort of collaboration with Netflix and the Money Heist series, and the exact frames, Called the Persol PO3160V (El Profesor) were front and center on their website. It’s very uncommon for eyewear brands to be that direct, even naming the model of glasses on the character/series, but it seems that Persol has done this in this case. These glasses can be purchased online for around $240 (or ₹19,700). Keep in mind, they are probably limited editions due to the nature and popularity of the series.

Professor Sunglasses: The Ray-Ban Cats (500 Classic) Sunglasses

Money Heist: The Professors Sunglasses Style

There’s actually a second pair of glasses, sunglasses to be exact, that The Professor wears during the series. These are in the exact same style as the Persol eyeglasses, but how dark lenses (obviously) and a brown colorway on the frame. These were quite easy to identify due to the clear branding on both the lenses and the hinges. These are a pair of Ray-Ban Cats (500 Classic) in the Polished Light Havana colorway. These can be bought on the official Ray-Ban website for the price tag of around $170 (or ₹14,000).